End the Shutdown & Fix the Problem(s)

I agree…utterly ridiculous that Congresscritters and the Administration continue to get paid while others suffer.

I’m surprised this doesn’t come up more often.

McConnell will not let any bill the President won’t sign get to the floor…don’t know how that can be overcome.

By giving in to whatever Donald Trump wants.

I agree. But it won’t happen until/unless more GOP Senators defect from the Trump/McConnell line in the sand. And that won’t happen until more in the GOP Caucus feel the pain from their constituents as more and more average Americans begin to feel the impact of this Trump Shutdown.

So many people do that.

The suggestions in the OP seem sensible. It shouldn’t be that difficult for a bipartisan committee to determine where the problems are the greatest and indentify where dollars could be most effectively applied.

The problem is that Trump sold his supporters on the idea of a big dumb wall. And they bought it. Anything less than a big beautiful wall will be a failure.

This is illustration of what a bad negotiator Trump is. He tipped his hand early (told the world how important that wall is to him), bluffed often (Mexico is gonna pay for the wall), and then tried to use strong arm tactics and exaggeration to force his way at the end.

These tactics might work when there is great disparity. For example, a buyer for Wallmart who has millions of dollars available to spend on cheap goods that are practically identical in quality and price can force vendors to dance to his tune. A famous real estate developer with lots of dollars available for a project and for lawyers can use forceful tactics to get building contractors to cut him a deal.

But when both sides have roughly the same power, excessive force lead to stalemate.

The Dems know how badly Trump needs a wall and the Speaker of the House is and the speaker of the House is on an even plan with the POTUS in this sort of negotiation. Any compromise from Trump will be seen as a sellout by his base. And the more he exaggerates his position (crisis!) the less likely it is that Dems will agree. In fact, they’ll become further entrenched and spend their energy shoring up their position. They’ll exaggerate their position.

The tragedy is that the overwhelming majority of Americans want a secure border AND they don’t want their tax dollars spent inefficiently.

If he really wanted to solve this problem, a good negotiator would have realized that liberal and conservative voters want mostly the same things. He would have sought agreement with Dems on those things first and then negotiated hard on the few areas of disagreement.

This issue is not worth the longest government shutdown in US history…but here we are.


Well, that is what we are doing.

What does that mean?

Perhaps, you have mistaken the conservative movement for something that it isn’t. Maybe, the roots are rotten.

I wasn’t countering the post, just pointing out that shaming them is basically impossible. The post is good.

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Nobody talks about how Donald Trump has a strategy to end the Shutdown. But to understand that plan you would have to understand the fact that Donald Trump won the election. He promised a Wall at the Southern Border. Elections have consequences! We have a massive Humanitarian Crisis at our Southern Border. As soon as the Democrats are back from their “vacations” Donald will be ready to sign a bill that includes the Wall.

That they do.

Who knew that the President could dictate to the Senate what they can vote on.

(Well I guess McConnell does since he’s on vacation out of town.)