End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left


Inference is necessary. Perhaps our “road maps” are too different.

You asked why I don’t do something about it. I say “If I had the thought it should be done, so did many lawyers.” You have your progressive lawyers, we have our Christian lawyers…


I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.


The recent Janus decision is parallel, free speech trumped the right of unions to withhold and spend dues against the will of the worker.

The parallels aren’t exact. On another thread progressives whined about Kentucky schools including "a smidgeon of Christianity, that it establishes religion.

But atheism is a religion. Secularism is a religion. And by only permitting secular atheism be taught as “fact” in schools, they are establishing a religion.

And Christian “dues” are paying for it.

But admittedly, there is a difference between “dues” and “taxes.”

So it would be an interesting case.


Sure, as long as they use them on the way back to the ME.


Seriously, I don’t think Muslim parents here will do that to their kids.


What’s that mean?


I was joking. I’ve known Muslims at work and in social settings. They won’t deprive their kids of a proper school for Jihad.

So your objection to vouchers is moot. I don’t mind if Muslim parents use vouches to teach their kids the Muslim religion AND whatever it takes to function in our free market competitive system.

This is America, they have freedom of religion just like me.


Crazy, we’re in agreement! :+1:


That is a first. Feels good, hope it happens more often.

Seriously, the old “public school” model doesn’t work well, pisses off lots of people. Its inefficient, and unresponsive to special needs kids.

Technology, particularly AI can easily replace it with something that is cost efficient, and really good for kids.

AI Robots are coming, they will do a lot of the jobs people do today. We gotta work smarter to stay ahead of them.


I’ve always said my grandmother learned just as much in a one room school house as kids today in these $200,000,000 metropolis high schools being built. Having said that, the classroom isn’t going away! The school district I live within went to iPads 5-6 years ago and test scores have been dropping. Students watch teacher’s videos online during class time and are suppose to ask questions if they’re not comprehending the material. Instead, kids are constantly using the iPads for social media throughout school day.
Oh, and district also went away from teaching writing skills (cursive) because the future won’t require writing anything they say! Sad…


Neither of those are religions.

And “secular atheism” isn’t being taught in public schools. It isn’t even a thing!

I think you need to go back to school and maybe actually learn something this time. It’s obvious whatever schools you attended failed you miserably.


Pedophile priests were kept secret for thirty years.


Lol, silicone valley.

I can see the superiority in your education…


I had no idea the state was the only entity capable of educating people.


Good thing no public school teachers ever sleep with their students.

from https://www.cbsnews.com/news/has-media-ignored-sex-abuse-in-school/

Consider the statistics: In accordance with a requirement of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act, in 2002 the Department of Education carried out a study of sexual abuse in the school system.

Hofstra University researcher Charol Shakeshaft looked into the problem, and the first thing that came to her mind when Education Week reported on the study were the daily headlines about the Catholic Church.

“[T]hink the Catholic Church has a problem?” she said. “The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”


Which doesn’t negate the fact that the church kept it a secret for thirty years no matter how much you want it too.


I guess someone has missed some recent high profile cases involving education and the cover up of sexual abuse. Granted those were universities but lower education has quite a track record of it as well.

from https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/01/02/sexual-abuse-teachers-unions-schools-editorials-debates/95952348/

A USA TODAY Network investigation found dozens of teachers with hidden histories of sexual misconduct working at schools or in other jobs with access to children, where supervisors knew nothing of their pasts. In several cases, there were tragic results. Illinois elementary school students were forced to eat off a teacher’s crotch. Five elementary school students were sexually molested in New Jersey.

Hiding sexual misconduct, enabling perpetrators to move on, is so common among school systems that there’s a name for it: “passing the trash.” And yet even though educators and child advocates have long known about the problem, existing laws have failed to end the practice. Efforts to pass new laws have been thwarted, at times by teachers’ unions or have missed the crux of the problem.


That’s your issue? I’d rather public schools teach kids how to learn instead of how to regurgitate answers just well enough to pass tests. Have kids question what they’re taught and learn to think for themselves instead of just parroting what they’re “taught.” But then we can’t have the next generation questioning what government or their future employer does, now can we?


Which STILL doesn’t negate the fact that the church kept it secret for thirty years no matter how much you want it too.


I didn’t say it negated it, I am saying there is no valid reason to single them out other than bias.