End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left


I know I am. I am a liberal Democrat. :slight_smile:


You must be joking!


You seem desperate, ignorant, and young. Or paid well for your services.


Indeed. You are the vanguard secular Puritan leading the way to Utopia. If I would only put on the uniform, I too could be enlightened.


Vouchers will never cover the tuition of any good private school.

There are a lot of very crappy private (mostly religious) private schools - especially in Red States. They became prolific after schools were made to desegregate.

Good secular private schools and even Catholic, non diocese, prep schools (LaSallian, Christian Brothers, etc, ) cost at least $20k a year and some go as high as $40k a year.

No state voucher is going to cover those tuitions.


I doubt you could ever be enlightened.


Transgender Ed teaches you not to be a bigot. Non-bigoted people are more employable.


Why should my tax dollars fund a school I have no say in how it’s run or what it teaches?


A lot of people in TN constantly look over their shoulders for Muslims.


I’m not surprised.


But private schools can kick you out.

A kid at my son’s school screamed blank you at his mother in the parking lot and he was expelled immediately.


Another comical ideal from one of the MPs clown princes of politics. Sorry BAC I stopped taking the majority of your threads seriously when you admitted on the previous incarnation of the forum that you had been trolling everyone about Trump being President then quietly forgot you ever said that when Trump won.

Sorry mate I don’t believe for one minute you are being serious with this thread. You use every stereotype in the book to make your argument. Your threads do more to damage the credibility of conservatives than anything Trump says. But I am sure your a nice guy in real life so it’s not personal.


Actually, your reaction indicates fear I have a good case.


What are you doing about it besides posting on an internet message board?


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I think we need a new line of PSAs.

This is your brain.

This is your brain on Trump.

So you didn’t do that in high school?


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I misspoke, it was sex drugs and ROCK & ROLL in my day


I once had an original thought, but it was so unrepeated elsewhere, I forget what it was.

I trust many are thinking along those lines, now that Coach K is in .

Ruth Buzi Ginsberg is next, but we don’t have to wait till then.


I’m sure you believe you are making sense but I don’t have the patience to decider gibberish tonight.


decipher. Sigh.


Again BAC…are you gonna be cool when vouchers and grants go to local mosques where kids are taught Islam instead of math and science?