End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left


No need to abolish them, give parents vouchers they can take to either a public or a private school and public schools will get better or die off.


Kentucky was set to pass school vouchers for religious private schools legislatively? How, given this is part of their state constitution.

from http://theprincipal.blogspot.com/2017/04/scotus-could-clear-roadblocks-to-school.html

“No portion of any fund or tax now existing,
or that may hereafter be raised or levied for educational purposes,
shall be appropriated to, or used by, or in aid of,
any church, sectarian or denominational school.”
– Kentucky Constitution, @ Section 189


As I said “iirc”. It may have been Tennessee. I will google when I have some time (H just walked in the door so we will be having dinner shortly.)


No, you progressives can kick in out of your own pocket.

Problem is, that’s not what progressives do.

They demand Government steal from the rich, defraud business, and other regulate freedom away for big $$$, then spend that money on “the poor”

They themselves don’t do charity with their own money, that is the root of socialism.

They use other people’s money.

Until it runs out, then they devour the poor as is happening in the latest socialist disaster called Venezuela.


I agree. The Voucher program, forgot about that. Great Conservative Republican idea Progressives stopped because the cozy relationship with leftist teachers (who give big $$$ when they get big $$$ pay raises) was thereby threatened. In a free market situation, no one in their right mind sends their kids to a leftist school.

Transgender Ed doesn’t help get a job when you leave school.


Perhaps the Supreme Court will rule on a Christian lawsuit against schools.

Why should I pay to have my free speech and religion ridiculed by the state, it is establishing an atheist religion using my tax dollars to so.

The Supreme Court should rule on that.


Ya get rid of public education more tax cuts for the rich


Great idea. The rich will hire more people. Or like Ellon Musk, make submarines to save those kids in Thailand.


At least let’s get rid of the federal dept of education. States and locals can do what they want. I am all for good state and local funding of schools. Not federal.


I like it. States rights. Some might keep public schools while they transition to a much better cheaper more market orientated educational system via the internet.

Give the leftist teachers time to learn practical skills rather than leftist theory on white privilege, gender aggression, safe spaces etc.


In the early 1980s I spent two years in a private Christian high school (before telling my parents either enroll me in the public school my grade school friends went to or I would do every thing in my power to get expelled). In those two years I saw more violence, drug use, and teen pregnancy than I ever saw in the public school system. Too often parents saw private school as the last chance for their delinquent children to shape up before they shipped them off the military school.


I won’t dispute your account. Its possible. I’ve been to services where the organ girl could cuss better than a longshoreman.

But what you experienced clearly was an exception. If it were that bad on a massive scale, it would be in the news daily, 24/7 exposes.


I doubt that. When it comes to behavioral issues/discipline, private schools are not immune to the problems that plague the public system. Kids will be kids.


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What could go wrong with a massively uneducated population,


You’re obviously a better person than I am.

I have never called myself a patriot, madam.


We’d be Canada?


It was Tennessee, not Kentucky.



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