End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left

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Oh and government standards like these?

from https://www2.ed.gov/admins/comm/choice/regprivschl/regprivschl.pdf


No requirements for

No requirements for

No requirements for

No requirements for

There are 34,576 private schools in the United States, serving 5.7 million PK-12 students. Private schools account for 25 percent of the nation’s schools and enroll 10 percent of all PK-12 students.

In most states the standards you reference amount to, they have to keep attendance and teach certain subjects, but nobody checks how they teach them, or to what standard they are taught, no control over anything but you must teach say English, no testing, no monitoring etc. And for religious based schools they don’t even have to be taught by teachers. Lofty standards indeed.

I am curious. Did the OP attend public or private schools?

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Their local Christian church will be glad to help.

Public. None of that education save reading skills was used to be gainfully employed.

Look at it this way. Teachers protest for open borders so migrants can gather their avocado etc from the field.

But we can cut out the middle man.

When teachers are laid off, those who never taught students how to prosper in a free market economy, will do as badly as their students.

But because of Trump’s foresight, we won’t have cheap migrant labor to pick the crops progressives love.

Teachers can do that. And an added bonus, they can toss a bushel or two over the wall to feed the teeming mass of would be illegals, on the other side of that great big beautiful wall.

Now I really miss Avergbear.

These guys make him look normal by comparison.

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Parental responsibility, it works when tried.

But Government must not punish parents when they discipline their children.

One of the major reasons for the massive education fail are the progressive restrictions on discipline.

Corporeal punishment correctly applied to wee bottoms results in civil teens at a time of life when they could be dangerous.

As they are now.

So progressives killed the schools. Made them targets for lawsuits for every crazy idea, from transgender ed to climate scam.

Its time to end the pot of gold for Deranged Democrats. End public schools, they are progressive re-education camps any way. Cesspools of antisocial behavior.

Budding Maxine Water citizens.

Its time to end the lunacy. Send it all packing.

So, let me get this straight. You want poor kids to be taught exclusively by religious organizations?

The mormon church, the Catholic church, Islam and Satanists all think this is a fantastic idea.

In his honor, I just changed my Avi to the old one. I miss that guy.

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Private schools are not required to meet state or Federal standards.

But, what people like the OP want is for state money, in the form of vouchers, to be used at private schools, including religious schools. When Kentucky, iirc, was debating it or had passed it already and then an Islamic school applied for being able to accept vouchers, the legislature did a 180 in about the time it took me to right this post.

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For thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a year. Great option for children to escape poverty indeed.

Abolish public schools! Legalize child abuse!
BornAgainChristian 2024

You have an unhinged and absurd view of what they actually teach in public schools.

And online schooling is a bad idea because its important for development of children to be properly socialized.

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Thanks for the clarification lulubee!

That’s what I was trying to get out of Born Again…whether he’d be ok with an Islamic school having little to no curriculum to follow other than teaching Islamic traditions. Sounds to me he’s just pushing for Christian school…

Sigh. I miss the old days when Alfred was calling for Trump to kidnap the president of Mexico to force them to pay for the wall. Ahhhhh memories.

Yup. And that is what (I think Kentucky, but it could have been another backward state like Tennessee) wanted until they realized - oops - it meant Islamic schools would have to be included too.

I am against many of the state and federal standards regarding constant testing and it’s use to grade schools, so for my kid, I was thrilled his private school didn’t need to follow those standards and do all that constant testing. No Regents (I’m in NY) and no Common Core.

What most people don’t know is that prep school curriculums are much harder than public school curriculums. They take more college like level courses and are able to study subjects in much more depth. It’s doable because of the very small class sizes. My son’s graduating class only had 63 kids. My son’s school didn’t even offer AP classes as their curriculum was already more comprehensive. Colleges know all these things about the private prep schools also. Hence, most kids from these schools attend the most elite colleges. Of course, they also cost many, many, many thousands of dollars more than parochial schools.

The CEC has taught him well.

You’ve got it all figured out. It’s so AMAZING I can’t believe we haven’t done this already! Why isn’t anyone listening to this brilliant idea?!?!?!??!!?