End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left

Wrong again!

So you’re gonna be cool with Islam based schools here in the US teaching Islam and maybe a little math and science too!

He can’t do it, he goes full retard every time. He’s basically insinuating with that statement that all poor people are black, do drugs, have sex and rap.

Those are ALL excellent points, reasons why public schools are obsolete.

There’s a thread whining about kentuky schools teaching Christianity.

Screw them. Time to end public schools entirely so they don’t teach atheistic progressiveness ON MY DIME.

Evolution is a theory, a improbable one at that. But its assumed to be fact. But it isn’t. Its crap, a lie. Confirmation bias is the sole reason for its persistence in spite of the reams of data against it.

But Christians must pay for that attack on our religion.

Its unconstitutional. Now that the Supreme Court is returning to sanity, its time Christians bring a case for ending public schools, the unconstitutional demand we pay for “speech” we don’t support, end.

Sure there is. Taxes.

like clockwork…

Born Again are you gonna respond to my question?

So you’re gonna be cool with Islam based schools here in the US teaching Islam and maybe a little math and science too?

My area school districts already have a Tech High. Anyone can go there. At first it was done by lottery but most kids didn’t want to leave their own, extremely excellent public high schools, to go to a new school.

Since the public school in my district (an extremely liberal community) sends 94% of its students to 4 year colleges and many to the most elite schools in the country, I think it must be the public schools where you live that are so awful.

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Earn more money, then, if it’s important for you to send your kids to private school.

I paid both, happily. I’m still voting yes on school budget and happily pay my school taxes and I don’t have any kids in school anymore.

It’s my duty as a citizen to help educate our children.

And you people have the audacity to call yourself patriots.

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I think we need a new line of PSAs.

This is your brain.

This is your brain on Trump.

[quote=“BornAgainChristian, post:19, topic:6691, full:true”]
They gather to do drugs, have sex and rap. Not learn. its time to end the farce.[/quote]

Any questions?


It’s best to assume that that is never the case.

I have an idea BAC, why not campaign for your state to eliminate public school education and let the other states watch the results for a few years before they decide. The US constitution does not require public education. Kind of a living laboratory like the state tax experiment in Kansas.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Even when we have a subject…and proposition…that people in all parts of the political spectrum believe would be worthy of a good debate…partisan idiots screw up the conversation right from the start.

And here I thought electing Trump was a sign that a lot of Americans were stupid enough. Now we got Alfred proposing making American dumber? Brilliant strategy!!!

BTW, I see the OPer is fully bought into the notion that the only purpose of an education is to train up nice compliant worker bees…

AFAIK, every state does have it in their Constitution, so he’d have to start lobbying for his state to have a Constitional Convention.

You could make a case that if you wanted to tank the economy…as both Trump and Steve Bannon suggested at different times and for different reasons would be a good idea…the triple whammy of massively limiting the work force by massively limiting immigration, killing all remaining worker leverage, and trashing our education system would be the triple whammy that would do it…

Looks like Born Again is done debating his own OP…

You don’t think they already exist? Psst, they do.

Really? An Islamic school system without having to meet government standards! Can you provide examples?

The above is your first mention of government standards.