End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left


Whatever happened to Avergbear? I’ve lurked here for years then one day he was gone. He was a trip!


No one knows for sure, but the common theory is that he passed away.


Pure nonsense. I support giving parents the choice of where to spend their education money because its the right thing to do, especially for poor people. My children are grown and I did not need the government to pay for their education period. The oldest went to public school, the youngest went to a private school, because those were the schools that were best suited for their individual needs. Try arguing on the merits and knock off the childish ad hominem.


Some. Why is it so important to you to wield that influence over other people’s children by the way? I think I know the answer.


Uh huh, sure. rolling eyes


Are you aware, being publicly funded, after school activities have to be open to all children, including home schooled children? As for it being draconian, it was four plus decades ago, there was very little working in groups.


Ok, done with you, get back to me when you grow up.


Is the public schooled child a liberal?


There won’t be any after school activities if physical schools are replaced with online schools like the OP is proposing.


Yes, she is.


This has got to be the stupidest thread hands down in a while.


Oh and do you have a say as to how grocery stores are run? You know they are supported in a very large way by public money via food stamps, or food vouchers if you will.


I’m sure BAC will have a better one soon.


What about the private school one?


She is too. No big deal, like I told them, much to their dismay, I was more liberal when I was their age than they are now. We’ll see how their fondness for government sponsored charity holds up when they start getting the bill for it.


These are different things. A school provides a service. Food stamps are for buying physical products. So if we can say, for example, with food stamps you can’t buy alcohol or candy, then we could say with school vouchers they can’t be used to buy an education that teaches creationism over evolution or teaches anti-GLBT rhetoric.


How did the private schooled child become liberal without public school indoctrination?


Or I should say, they are both currently politically liberal. But in their personal lives, they are conservatives. They are frugal, fiscally responsible, strict monogamists and would not personally ever have an abortion. I am fairly confident that as they mature and get some real world experience, contrasting private charity with government charity and which is more effective they’ll come around politically. They already prefer to volunteer to do charitable work than send a check. t

I don’t know if they’ll ever be full on pro-lifers, but I wouldn’t rule it out once they hold their own baby in their arms.

And as for the private school one turning out politically liberal, we didn’t choose her school with that criteria in mind. If they turn out liberal its no skin off my nose, I am under no illusion I can have much effect on public policy by churning out conservative babies.


Do we exercise that sort of control over universities? Of course not. Raise your own children, leave everyone else’s alone.


Ah the lengths people go to convince themselves they are just fighting fire with fire. The d’souza playbook in action for justifying anything you want to do. Make bogus, unsubstantiated claims of what your opponents want to do or are doing to you, make your viewers feel oppressed, then whip out the solution; advocate the same done to your opponent.