End Gun-Free Zones

I pay more for that than they have paid out on my behalf. I would be happy to give up that “benefit.”

You couldn’t possibly know that until your final day…

That’s why they call it insurance. But for the last 7 years, I am in deficit by thousands of dollars to the “benefit.”

Hoping you don’t recoup all contributions…:+1:

Thank you. But you needn’t worry … I also purchased catastrophic/long term health insurance. Medicare won’t go broke on my account.

Dude most rifle rounds will punch straight through Kevlar vests without inserts.

The type of vests worn by cops were originally designed for infantryman to help protect them from shrapnel. As a side effect, they are also somewhat effective against most handgun rounds.

They are not intended to stop rifle rounds.

Police agencies adopted them as a compromise. Using the ceramic/steel insert plates (like the ones worn by Army infantry in combat zones) would have made them too bulky and too heavy for regular use. They’re already uncomfortable; adding the plates make them three times as heavy.

They also factored in that the vast majority of gun crime in the United States is perpetrated with handguns, specifically 9mm, .380, .38, .40, and .45 ACP. Against most of those rounds their body armor is typically effective, although the load does make a difference.

You don’t say… gosh, please tell me more… Have any idea why they didn’t include rifle ammunition?

How was he stopped again? Pretty sure it was by a good guy with a gun.

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If you are referring to the gun shooting in Dayton; they were members of the local police force I believe.

I repeat it shows how fallacious the “good guy with a gun” nonsense is. And that can under no circumstances be construed as a criticism of the police.

I guess most leftists believe criminals will submit themselves to back ground checks before stealing guns…

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First Graders Picked Up Gun Intended to Protect Ohio School

Two first graders found and removed a gun from an unlocked case that was brought to an Ohio school as part of a concealed-carry program to protect the school from gun violence, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

There will be stories like this one every week.

I’m assuming that the child picked up the gun from behind the desk and had been holding it,” Superintendent Dan Freund said.

He said both Nelson and Scaffidi told him what happened, but he said he didn’t talk to the children because he didn’t want to traumatize them.

Here’s a link that’s not behind a pay wall.

He told you. The ceramic/steel plates add too much weight and make them too bulky.

No, they certainly didn’t.

Weight, expense, comfort, and lack of need. It’s statistically very rare for anyone to be shot with a rifle unless you’re in an extremely high risk profession. Few cops will even wear rifle plates unless they are on a tactical team.


You’re a little late to the party, and you’re wrong.

One shooting took place in a Walmart in Texas, the other on the street in Dayton.

Neither were “gun free zones”.

The mall where the Walmart was located was a gun free zone and so was the Bar in Dayton.

No legal way to carry in either location.

The Walmart was not a “gun free zone” - there were numerous people in the Walmart legally carrying - and the Dayton shooting didn’t take place in a bar, but on the street.

Try again skippy, the Walmart in El Paso was not in a mall…

If you are so fast and loose with easily verifiable facts, how many other facts do you get wrong…