End Gun-Free Zones

Mr. Hannity, don’t encourage, Senator Graham to do any red flag legislation.
He should offer to end Gun-Free Zones, which are interpreted as shooting galleries to the sick hateful people. Sick hateful people will see this as a threat to their ideas of killing the helpless defenseless persons. Gun-Free Zone does nothing to stop the violence or keep anyone safe.
Giving veterans to act as safety guardians will play into the hands of the liberal, in that we are not able to care for ourselves. That would give the liberal and socialist another gain. End Gun-Free Zone and see the shootings stop, for cowards will not go to hurt others if they feel they can get hurt.

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…both of the shootings this week happened in “Gun-Full” zones.

A bar in Ohio? I’d like to see that please.

Why wasnt their an army of armed citizens to take out this guy? Its texas… it’s all you and rose would hype up …

" we carry all sorts of guns" and then 400 posts about bullets and muzzles in a totally not sexual way.


The Dayton shooting took place on the street, outside of a bar. Not inside one.


Why don’t you go ask them?

Ah so, stopped while trying to get in the bar. Ok, you got me there.

Pay me for the flight

Ride your bicycle. Carbon footprint.

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Outside a bar in Ohio. did you not see where the perp went down thanks to the Dayton police prompt action.


What the OP really meant was “end hero free zones”, since it is all based on people’s fantasies of finally getting to use their precious guns.


I think I understand. The right wants to treat gun violence like homeopathy. Add more of a causative agent to cure what ails you. Issue is gun violence? Add more guns.

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Beyond TSA check is a gun-free zone. Know many people that get shot there ?

Guns in Schools- what could go wrong?


Good thing no one predicted this.



Beyond the checkpoint they just use box cutters to kill thousands.

A school resource officer, a cop, left a rifle in an office at a school and it got stolen.

Katie Steinle murdered with a stolen BLM gun.

A person shot because a drunk FBI punk was break dancing.

And these are the clowns I’m supposed to trust to protect my family. Yeah right.



How many of the actual mass shootings does it take to equal that “once”?

Going how far back, exactly ?

Want to compare the number of casualties from every hijacking we’ve ever had vs. number of casualties from every mass shooting we’ve ever had ? Maybe a better apples-to-apples comparison is number of casualties in overall violence that has taken place inside the TSA zone, airspace included vs. everywhere else.

That aside, OP specifically talks about shootings and how those would stop if we just got rid of gun-free zones and that’s what I responded to. How many people get shot inside the gun-free zone that is TSA ?