Employers need to be held accountable for hiring illegal immigrants

I’ve always stated that denying illegal immigrants jobs is the best way to reduce illegal immigration, but I don’t get why companies that hire these illegal immigrants always get away scot-free without any penalties whatsoever. This just encourages these employers to keep hiring illegal immigrants over and over again…they need to be held accountable.


No criminal charges have been filed against Corso’s, but the employer is under investigation, authorities said. Two locations were searched, and Khaalid Walls, an agency spokesman, said “a large volume of business documents” were seized.

In April, agents made about 100 worker arrests at a meatpacking plant in rural Tennessee, another high-profile show of force reminiscent of President George W. Bush’s administration. No criminal charges have been filed against the employer.

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Yes absolutely. This is how you fix our illegal border crossings…not a stupid wall.

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Yep, it’s not rocket science.

If illegal workers were the only bad thing coming across the border you might have a point.

If it were possible to verify the documents provided by every single worker, you might be right.

Of course, that isn’t reality. Obama killed the expansion of E Verify in his first budget.

Whatever happened to states independently deploying e-verify? Why not do it themselves? What’s stopping them?

I’ve always said that if you take away the incentive, a lot of the illegals won’t come, or will self deport.

Now if the IRS were to turn over to some investigative agency anyone who has been reported as dead that is showing they are making money, or if you have a person who is making full time money from two jobs in different states . .

Those are the one’s that are easy catches.

It’s a federal program reliant on federal resources.

That’s right, employers can do credit and background checks. It’s not rocket science.

Credit and background checks won’t tell you anything about their legal immigration status. Employers can also be held liable for discrimination by going beyond the federal documentation requirements.

It isn’t nearly as simple as most people want to make it.

Trump is slacking then, he needs to get this going, what’s the delay?

It takes a whole lot more than a pen and a phone.

Democrats want the illegals for their votes and the votes of their kids, republicans want illegals for a cheap labor source.

The national Chamber of Commerce has a stranglehold on most of congress with respect to this issue.

Pushing it through ahead of the wall would also greatly diminish the political will for building it so that’s probably a factor as well.

I agree 100%, dry up the jobs, access to social programs, and access to services meant for legal residents and citizens and the illgeal alien problem would be self correcting.

With that said though, before you can hold employers accountable there needs to be fundamental changes in the I-9/E-verify system so that employers have the tools necessary to check on the legal status for seeking to be hired.

It’s pretty hard to hold employers responsible when you tie their hands. Give them the tools and then hold them responsible for using them.



This should be the government’s first priority instead of that idiotic wall (which Mexico was supposed to pay for).

Until you cut off the flow to at least a trickle nothing is going to work. It isn’t big companies hiring most of them and much of the labor is brokered by other illegals.

Again though, if illegal labor was the only thing crossing the border you might have an argument for reversing the priorities.

More importantly there is absolutely no reason not to address both at the same time and we still have the same ability to put a tax on all cash transfers being sent to Mexico to fund it.

You are exactly right and I totally agree. This was the promise in the 1986 agreement and our government lied.

Not necessarily, would you rather be unemployed in America or Columbia?