Emoticon cursing

Are we allowed to use the emoticon :fu: ???

I was surprised to see it when i was scrolling through to get the thumbs up. I don’t think I’ll ever be using it, but if it’s against the rules I think it should be removed. The curse filter ensures that I don’t break the rules, and it’s on me if i choose to bypass the filter. This FU emoticon isn’t a filter bypass.

No. You can’t.

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I understand why not.

I don’t understand why that icon is available. Using it would not be a filter bypass.

I mean. Do you have a list of all the “banned” emoticons? I don’t want to get in trouble for using the “wrong” ones.

Just can’t. Same reason you can’t use the abbreviation for wild turkey federation. It’s a filter bypass. If I had the ability, I’d remove it, but I don’t, so we just ban those who use it.

I just feel there should be some sort rule posted about which emoticons aren’t appropriate.

No, i feel it shouldn’t be available, but I understand the software is probably limited in customization.

Again, I have to ask, are there any other emoticons I should be wary of using?

That’s the only one I know of. We saw it early on, but don’t have the accessibility to edit it from the available emojis.

Ok. Just asking. I only noticed it yesterday, and i said to myself wild turkey…


Oh, you bad.

I tried adding the string to the filtered word list (what I do have access to) but no go.