Emergency funding for a pandemic should only be about emergency funding for a pandemic

Does emergency funding includes funds for midnight basketball programs.

It was actually about mandatory reimbursement for laboratory services.

GOP was saying a mandatory item that didn’t have Hyde Amendment language around it was a backdoor way to get this bill to fund abortions.

But…the bill made it clear that all funding in this bill would have to be for COVID-19 and nothing else.

This will get wrapped up next week…the GOP was just throwing out red meat for the base…it worked, as usual.

And not even President Trump, when given the opportunity to do the same at today’s press conference, tried to do it.

He just blamed it on the Dems “wanting too many goodies”.

Is it this bill?

The only reference to the Violence against women act I could find was in Section F.

I am willing to be wrong though.

He is incapable of answering a question forthrightly. That was amazing.

This specific topic aside, I completely agree. I cannot stand all of the add-on crap that is attached to most all bills. It’s frustrating!

Just to be clear, I am well aware the issue wasn’t in the final product. But it WAS brought up during negotiations prior to House floor consideration.

Ok. Looking at the bill I see what you are talking about. Agree…this should be a corona virus related bill itself so that it doesn’t get tied down and delayed by discussing general time off or time off for other purposes.

It was never an issue, but of course it was brought up.

For red meat purposes.

We know both parties do it and they do it often at inappropriate times.

This time it just happened to be Pelosi dangling the piece of red meat. :smile:

there is inappropriate and then there is beyond the pale, inappropriate. This falls in the latter category and shows just how tone deaf and insulated the elites believe themselves to be.

Opinion noted

Glad to see you took the time to do so :+1:

I didn’t give one

You said you noted one.

Thank you for taking the time to do so.

I did.

You’re awesome :+1:

You don’t think republicans add a bunch of crap to their bills?

Can we all agree, Pelosi is a turd?

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Is time…of the essence when trying to combat this virus? I wonder how many will die due to what she did?

Amazing how a Republican objection – that a bill that had nothing o do with abortion needed to include anti-choice language has been turned into the Democrats bringing irrelevant issues into the bill.