Elton John Rocket Man

Has anyone seen the Elton John movie “Rocket Man”?

If you did, what did you think?

It’s getting good reviews, but I haven’t seen it yet. I know I am probably in the minority but I didn’t like the Queen movie and I am a huge Queen fan. It seems with these movies about musicians they either do them good like Johnny Cash and Ray Charles or they just suck.

Not yet … we plan to. We are both big fans of EJ’s music. We did just see “Yesterday.” It’s a lightweight film (normal for the genre) but very enjoyable.

IMHO it’s worth seeing. But is’s not a biopic, it’s more like a musical.
Some very funny bits but some poignant ones also.
The guy who plays Elton (Taron Egerton) did a great job in my opinion.

Agree. My biggest beef was that the songs were out of sequence with the actual timeline of John’s life, but no biggie.

They also kinda of glossed over the time when Taupin wasn’t writing for him, which was a ■■■■ period in his music.

“Don’t go breaking my heart…” GTFO.

The man’s a genius. Saw him live a couple of years ago, fantastic.

Captain Fantastic.

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I haven’t seen it and I’m not sure I will. I really liked Bohemian Rhapsody but the glaring historical revision really brought the whole film down. I’m currently watching Get On Up about James Brown and am really liking that though I suspect there’s revision there, too. The one scene in that film where Dan Aykroyd says the Rolling Stones will only last a short time is priceless. (Mick Jagger is one of the executive producers of the film.)

If you can find it, there’s a documentary about the Funk Brothers.
They were studio musicians in Detroit who laid down a lot of the music for Motown artists back in the day.

Speaking of music documentaries, The Wrecking Crew. They were a bunch of studio musicians who played on hundreds of top ten and number one hits from the fifties through the seventies. Songs we all know by heart. I think it’s on Netflix. Amazing stuff, truly. Leon Russel and Glen Cambell are the two that really hit it big, but just phenomenal musicians all of them though.

I was expecting more of a Bohemian Rhapsody type film which I thought was very well done. I didn’t really enjoy Rocket Man as a musical.