ELLISON OUT: Keith Ellison RESIGNS from the DNC to Focus on ‘New Job’ | Sean Hannity

Keith Ellison officially stepped down from his post at the Democratic National Committee this week; resigning from the DNC to focus on his new job as the Attorney General for the state of Minnesota.

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I want to know why Keith E became the AG after what he did to those poor women? He should have never been able to even run for the AG. They put Justice K through h… and yet Keith gets away with it. The Democrats should not even be in power they do not do what they are put there to do…I am so pissed after reading this about Beater Keith

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Because there was a 3RD person on the ballot! Combine the Rep and the 3rd candidate’s vote count and that would have been enough to BEAT Ellison! You better believe the Ellison campaign/DNC contributed to that 3rd party candidate so as to keep him afloat and on the ballot resulting in a sure win for Ellison! Anytime you have a 3rd party on a ballot it quite often results in the WRONG person being elected!

Ellison is a DIRTBAG!!! a true SCUMBAG!!! I would even say a complete ■■■■■■■■■!!!

KATHY, you accurately stated facts and the truth.