Elliot Broidy & Trump’s Aborted Baby

Well we’ll well… it all comes out in the wash. The Wall Street Journal just reported that Elliott Broidy would not be making any additional installment payments on the $1.6M payment owed to Shera Bechard in exchange for her silence regarding an affair.

For those who have not been keeping up with this story, there is a very plausible theory floating around that the “affair” being covered up was actually between Shera Bechard and Donald Trump (and not Elliott Broidy).

The theory claims that:

Trump had a multi-year affair with Playboy model Shera Bechard that resulted in a pregnancy and an abortion
Bechard agreed to sign an NDA and remain silent about the whole thing in exchange for $1.6M
Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, arranged for the money to be paid by Elliott Broidy, a wealthy Republican operative, who then gained close White House access which he parlayed into hundreds of millions of dollars.
Trump and Co. panicked and “leaked” the details of the NDA to the WSJ, among others, but did so in a way to create the impression that Broidy, not Trump, actually had the affair with Bechard.

With Cohen flipping, and Broidy no longer making payments… it looks like the cat will soon be let outta the bag.

Remember when the left thought a Presidents sex life was none of our business?

If only Republicans hadn’t taken us down this path…


Remember when the right thought a President’s sex life was a good tool to bash him with? My how times have changed.


If roles were reversed… had this been Obama paying hush money to a pornstar and forcing another mistress to abort a baby, you would be calling for his head, hypocrite.

I’m gonna laugh when it comes out that trump was banging one of their moms/wives/sisters.

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Hypocrite much? Lol!

I thought abortion was murder? Obviously all the right wingers on here who have said that repeatedly will be along soon to condemn the President for his part in a murder.

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Oh, oh…the left is about to announce that Trump had another affair, with another woman. Stormy’s going to be ticked.

I think one of the appeals of Trump is that he can get away with almost anything. I think people admire that about him.

It’s more the abortion that is raising eyebrows.

And the potential buyoff with a 600 million Govt contract.

As of now it’s just a conspiracy theory. We’ll see if anything pans out, if it does it will be soon.

Well since the NDA will be void for non-payment I expect that there will be media folks at her door holding bucks for her story. Perhaps this is another case where being friends with Trump can be detrimental to your well being.

Yup. Cohen too.

There’s a lot of red flags that make me take the theory seriously, but it’s usually best to remain skeptical.

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Lol, I could care less who Obama slept with.

His part? I was unaware he got any say in the matter, or any man did. Did he get a special abortion veto pen.

$16 million. Money talks.

Did you care who Clinton slept with?

No, I cared about his perjury.

Oh and I voted for him, both times.

Not a crime. Not an impeachable offense. Russia didn’t work. Stormy was an epic fail. Nobody is going to care about this either. Trump was a billionaire playboy. Everybody already knows this. As long as he keeps doing what he is doing as President, his popularity will continue to increase. His previous persona life has no affect of the direction of America. Good luck with this one.