ELIZABETH WARREN: There’s Little ‘Doubt’ President Trump is a ‘Racist’ | Sean Hannity

2020 Democratic hopeful and firebrand Senator Warren escalated her all-out war with the President Monday; saying she “doesn’t think there’s much doubt” the Commander-in-Chief is a “racist.”

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To all of the leftist sad loser democrats that think President Trump is a racist, look in the mirror for perpetuating this absurd and hateful attack. None of you in the democratic party can call yourself a believer in god for this constant hatred of a fellow human. I would love to meet face to face and debate any of you but beware, you may not like the language that I would have for you, President Trump is like a baby compared to what I would tell all of you liars! You should all resign for your hated, lies and lack of common sense!

Warren and the others call the President a racist because he wants to control our southern border. It’s too bad that they spend all of their time throwing out words like that when they have no idea what they mean. For all of these people that have apparently never taken any classes in biology, anthropology or genetics, Hispanic is NOT a race. Hispanic is simply a reference to someone of Spanish/Portugese ancestry and the Iberian peninsula is part of Europe. The Spanish are just as white and/or European as the Brits and Germans. Technically, Latino refers to anyone from a Latin language speaking country and that includes Spain,Portugal, France and Italy. I used to have to explain to job applicants that Hispanic is a culture not a race. That is why, on federal forms, they give you two choices for white/caucasian. One is white/caucasian not of hispanic origin. The other is white/caucasian of hispanic origin.
AOC recently declared that people from central and south america are descended from native peoples so immigration law shouldn’t apply to them. While it is true that some people have a mix of Spanish and native blood, if you go to many of the countries south of us you will find that most people hold “pure” Spanish descent in high regard and look down on those with mixed blood as being “Indios”. The only ones that show more snobbery over blood are the Germans in South America. If you want to see bigotry and racism, all you have to do is go anywhere south of our border.

Would just ONE of these Dimocrats please provide specific examples of exactly what Trump is doing that makes him a racist? Keep in mind border protection is NOT racist, other examples… please. Otherwise, the name calling isn’t working and is getting VERY old.