Elizabeth Warren Proposes a Market-Based Plan to Promote the Shift to Clean Energy


Elizabeth Warren has proposed a market-based approach to encouraging the adoption of clean and renewable energy. Almost every large corporation today has a “sustainability” office or its equivalent that is working on mitigating the risks posed by climate change. (DoD does as well.) Senator Warren is proposing that the risks of climate change be factored into a company’s valuation.

That way, investors can factor such risks into their investment decisions, setting up a feedback loop that rewards risk reduction with higher valuation.

For all the people who like to yell “Socialism” at every idea other than reducing taxes on the wealthy, why would you not endorse this? This is a market based approach; government stays out of any decisions by corporations.

And for those of you who agree with the 4% of scientists who do not think climate change is real, why would you not endorse this? If there is no need to address climate risks, the market will self correct within a few years and prove you were right all along. That’s an inherent capitalist efficiency.

Bravo Elizabeth Warren for proposing an intelligent capitalist solution! Is this something we an all agree on?

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Will it include riding around on horses and making fire rubbing sticks together and using buffalo chips for fuel?

If so count me in!

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Count me out. :smile:

They would just move to China.

Nice job Warren.

Warren’s magical thinking…too “wizard of oz-ish”.

Much rather vote for Biden.

Hes more realistic because everyone would be cured of cancer if hes president

According to Mark P. Mills of the Manhattan Institute

“A 100-times growth in the number of electric vehicles in use by 2040 (bringing the total to 400 million) would displace 5 percent of global oil demand.”

Not a fan of capitalism I guess. Otherwise what’s wrong with this?

Lowering cost of capital turns companies off in your view?

so they would no longer list themselves on the NYSE?

This is not about electric vehicles.

Free market = magic? Tell us what’s wrong rather than tagging on Biden.

Displace it to the petrochemical industry.

Nah let’s stick with 19th century fuel like coal.

Warren proposes an actual plan and Teump worshippers crap all over it.

Trump claims he will have a better healthcare plan after 2020 election (no specifics or even a hint it’s being written) and Trump loyalists cheer.

Yeah, let’s. The people up north like it.

So the government making requirements of corporations is now a market based approach?

Also, her plan reads like “Hey investors, you’re too stupid to understand your risk, so let Mama Government come in and help”. The reality is most investors are probably smarter than her, so if there’s any risk, they’re well aware of it.

It’s worse. Trump wants to mandate % utilization of coal. Gov’t control of markets which is socialist. Warren embraces a market solution and no one is willing to discuss seriously so far.

You might consider that audit standards are set by government now. This is an accepted gov’t role.

Where did you get that diamond in the rough? :rofl:

That’s fine for you. You already live in Texas. The rest of us don’t have ready access to buffalo chips.

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