Electric only transportation. What happens when the power goes out an extended time

Many politicians on the left are pushing for the removal of the internal combustion engine.

So with the powerfull hurrican of Dorian . . where 10 million people in Florida were warned late last week they should expect to be without power for a week or longer. What happens to the transportation system?

You can’t plug your car in to get to work. Trucks that deliver products to the stores will stop. Emergency vehicles will not be able to respond. Even the trucks needed to restore the power (you know the one’s that drill holes for the new poles, and the bucket trucks to string the lines).

Is the push for the elimination of the combustion engine a pipe dream for now. Especially in given the acts of nature that occure . . . from hurricanes that can litteraly destroy the power grid, to tornadoes that do the same thing. Snowstorms, fire . . you name it. Hell even a burst from our own sun could take the power grid down for weeks as transformers and that are replaced.

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Really gas generation are the only thing at the moment but that doesn’t mean we will never replace them with renewable sources / batteries.

people get to forced on the word “elimination” we need to forces on advancing our technology then maybe one day we can replace our current power grid with a more planet friendly renewable one.

look how far we have come in the last 200 years in term of power creation.

But shouldn’t we wait on the push for elimination until the utilities/batterys can get you through 10 days or more without power?

FPL, which serves 10 million people through roughly 4.9 million customer accounts, had to restore power to 4.4 million customers because of Hurricane Irma, which traveled up the state from the Keys to Jacksonville in September 2017.

Restoration took about 10 days before it was considered completed to all but the most-damaged properties.

And that was only to the majority of customers.

Now picture a hurricane along the East coast, and a few destructive tornadoes in tornado alley.

Yes, we are not at the scale needed for reforming the power grind, give it 20-50 years. we just need to keep funding advancement in technology one day we will get there.

But we only have 10 years until we all die.

Many on the left want it eliminated NOW so we won’t die.

I don’t buy into all that, we need to reduce our effect on the planet after all we live on it, but we simply can’t shift off fossil fuel at this moment we don’t have the technology to do it.

Many want us to acknowledge that it makes sense, both in terms of the economy and the long term health of our planet, for America to become a leader in the movement towards renewable energy.

Or we could continue battling wars in the Middle East for the next hundred years because of our addiction to oil if you like.

We get 40% of our oil from Canada. Only 11% from Saudi Arabia.

The only wars we’re involved in in the Middle East are because of our commitment to Israel.

Better be nice to us or no more oil!

So much fear in the OP. Life moves on and new inventions are created as our civilization advances. Would it really be that bad to have vehicles powered by renewable energy?

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There is this fancy new invention called a generator… Military uses them all the time… Since there will be so few internal combustion engines, diesel will be cheap and plentiful…

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And as technology progresses even people like me will change. Example. Every light I possibly can switch out ECONOMMICALLY in my house has been changed to led bulbs.

I’ve written a couple of companies about the obsurd amount of packaging that their products were in.

But for the forseable future, completely electric transportation is not in the picture.


Not really.

Diesel is cheep essentially because of all the refineries. Get rid of diesel for truck, the refineries are not profitable and shut down. Less supply means cost increase dramatically for what little will be needed.

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If suddenly the power wasn’t available for 10 days or more, yes it would be bad to have vehicles that are electric only.

I don’t see the military going all electric for while… Kinda hard to us in a war zone…

How do you think the pumps at a gas station work?


What if gas wasn’t around? Now what?

See, I can play this game as well.

Many (at least here) have a back up genorator that allows the pumps to work when the power is out.

Now if your have a plug in car, and no combustion engine (aka generator) . . . how you going to top off the batteries?

They are having that problem in Florida. They had to have highway patrol escorts to make it safely to the gas stations.

No, I mean like no gas anywhere.