ELECTION ABUSE? Lawsuit Claims Clinton Funneled $84 MILLION into 2016 Campaign

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/election-abuse-lawsuit-claims-clinton-funneled-84-million-into-2016-campaign/

A new lawsuit filed in federal court by a pro-Trump political group claims Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign illegally funneled millions of dollars from state parties back to the Democratic National Committee.

According to the Daily Caller, upwards of 40 state Democratic committees could be behind the campaign violation that resulted in more than $84 million of donations making its way back to the Clinton campaign.

“Nevada’s Democratic Party could be pulled into a federal lawsuit that alleges the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee illegally funneled millions to state parties that sent the money back to the DNC to support Clinton,” confirmed the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“According to the FEC complaint, ‘an unprecedented, massive, nationwide multi-million-dollar conspiracy’ took place where Democrats and the Clinton campaign were ‘effectively laundering nearly all contributions’ sent to the Hillary Victory Fund,” writes the DC.

“The DNC has given us some guidance on what they’re saying, but it’s not clear what we should be saying,” one official told Politico at the time. “I don’t think anyone wants to get crosswise with the national party because we do need their resources. But everyone who entered into these agreements was doing it because they were asked to, not because there are immediately clear benefits.”

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