El Paso Walmart Shooting

20 minutes to shoot the place up according to tv news.

Idiocy already started by “experts” and reporters.

They need blood… please donate if you can

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Looks like it started outside in the Walmart parking lot. CNN has video.

What the hell is wrong with you?


The police spokesman said no law enforcement fired their weapons, he must have given up.

Gun free zones yield terrible results.

Thoughts and prayers… because that’s all they’ll get.

At what point do things change?

A Wal Mart in Texas?

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21 year old possible 8channer… again.

This one wasn’t in a gun free zone.

Police said there were between 1,000 and 3,000 people in the Walmart when it started. “Max capacity” was the term used.

I didn’t know this was basically an international shopping center with Mexicans crossing the border to shop there

Seems so. One of the reporters ask the police spokesman if there were any Mexican nationals killed - he didn’t know.

Had a feeling this troll shooter thing was gonna become a trend.

The police haven’t said anything about 8channer. They did say he is from Allen, near Dallas. That’s about 650 miles away.

Its Texas right?

Yes, why?

Back to school shoppers? They got schools in Texas right?

Yes, the back to school shopping was mentioned.

Yes, we have schools. Some of us can even read.