El Chapo sentencing at 9:15 am EDT at the Brooklyn Federal Court House (7/17/2019)

El Chapo will appear for sentencing at 9:15 am EDT this morning at the Brooklyn Federal Court House.

No mysteries await us. He faces a mandatory life sentence with plenty of additional time on top of that and has no chance of ever seeing the light of day again.

More importantly, very soon after sentencing, he will begin the trip that will take him to ADX Florence, where he will live out his days in almost total isolation.

Nobody is going to tunnel him out this time. :smile:

The only way Mexico would extradite him is if the death penalty was taken off the table. :smile:

I couldn’t wish for a better sentence then life at ADX.

ADX is worse then death.

think about it spending 23/H a day completely isolated from the outside world with no interaction with anyone outside of the guard that take you from your cell to a slightly larger cell.

Pretty much the only facility that El Chapo could be held at. It is designed in such a way as to thwart outside attempts to break a prisoner out. Short of a full scale military assault, none of El Chapo’s cohorts are going to be able to break him out of there.

And that will be the last we will of ever hear of el chopo.

Supermax is a silencer.


He also forfeits his entire $12.6 Billion fortune to the government.

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And yet I won’t be surprised if somehow he manages to escape.

Only need half of that to build the wall.

Mexico will pay for it after all!

That should be fun. MCC to which airport over which bridge?

He went out by helicopter immediately after his sentencing and left New York City on a United States Marshal’s aircraft. Given the amount of time, it is quite possible he is already in ADX Florence.

As a final note.

The Bureau of Prisons has confirmed that El Chapo arrived at ADX Florence a couple of days ago.

They were very secretive for a couple of days, presumably to thwart any attempts by his cartel to grab him while in transit.