El Chapo convicted on all charges

El Chapo has been convicted on all charges. Sentencing is scheduled for June 25th 2019.

After that, he will be off to ADX Florence.

ADX where people are forgotten.

The length of deliberation had me wondering what would happen. Fortunately, this scum is done. Good riddance.

The jury was just being very thorough as it turned out. The verdict form was very complex.

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Exactly what we would hope from a jury having to decide such serious charges. I can’t help but admit it did have me worried though. His money and power and influence, and people can be bought. :slight_smile:

I gotta ask…how is this political in any way shape or form.

This is absolutely political. This was the end product of prolonged cooperation between the Mexican and United States Governments and is deeply tied to our efforts to stem the power of cartels. Much political capital was exchanged in finally getting El Chapo to the United States for prosecution.