Edward Snowden: Joe Biden Threatened Countries Not To Give Me Asylum

At the time, I remember thinking that I don’t want our nation placed in danger because of Snowden’s actions but I also think that he exposed, what our intelligence agencies were denying at the time. He proved them to be liars. My gut said that this kid is in the right and I openly stated that. Very few and I mean very few…agreed with me.

No worries. Check out how focused they are on Snowden and not the coercion of foreign governments. :wink:

…cuz as you stated…this time…it involves libs…making the whole matter…different.

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They’ve only ever cared about who (D)id it, not that it was (D)one. As was pointed out all along. :wink:

They did.

Oh bull ■■■■■

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Where does Snowden currently live by the way?

We attempt to coerce foreign governments all the time. I don’t have any problem with that. Do you?

It is substantively different than trying to coerce a foreign govt to investigate a political rival. That you are trying to equivalence is laughable.


How is it any different than using Steele?

Joe Biden supports prosecuting traitors. This is terrible!!!

You don’t remember Hannity changing his mind? When I’m at a computer I’ll find it.

I don’t pay any attention to him.

It didn’t change anything here.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This was the predominant opinion at the time ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

So what was wrong with his actions?

One is attempting to coerce a foreign govt into doing something that is aligned with govt goals.

The other was purely political.

OK - but just to be clear, this is what I was alluding to. Both trump and Hannity doing an about face on their views of Assange:

Oh government goals, I wonder who determines what those goals are? The guy running the executive branch comes to mind.


Were you around here in 2007? That year the New York Times published an article exposing a Bush Administration program of authorizing warrantless wiretaps. Quite a few people’s responses on these boards was that the whole NYT organization needed to be prosecuted for treason.


No. I arrived in October of 2008 when the tea party movement got me more pumped that politics was going in the right direction. I was wrong.

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