Edward Snowden: Joe Biden Threatened Countries Not To Give Me Asylum

Article is from September, 2019, interview with the war hero Brian Williams.

It would appear as though the Kid Sniffer was calling around threatening every ally that even thought about letting Snowden stay there.

That must be (D)ifferent. :thinking:

On June 5, 2013, The Guardian in Britain published the first story based on Snowden’s disclosures. It revealed that a secret court order was allowing the U.S. government to get Verizon to share the phone records of millions of Americans.

…and now he must die.

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It was the government’s sacred (D)uty to threaten and coerce other governments into doing our bidding.

Where’s the issue?


One of these days you guys have to decide what Snowden is. A treasonous treacherous traitor or a brave bespectacled beau ideal.


What’s your opinion?

I amo not sure If whistle blower protections existed when he did it but i think he should have gone that route. I do however think he did the right thing.

I do believe Snowden is one person on which there has been rare agreement on these boards regarding his actions.

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When it first came out there was a lot of calls for his head on the old board and it was coming from both sides of the political venn diagram

Hmm…maybe…I don’t remember.

I seem to recall a lot of bipartisan agreement that what he did was right.

Yeah, but then Hannity changed his mind about him during the 2016 election and suddenly everything changed here as well.

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Whistle blower protections were in existence but were stated at the time, this wasn’t “whistle blowing” by the Obama Administration.

There was a lot of that too. You are right

Obama’s moves to stifle leaks and prosecute them was one of the worst aspects of his presidency


Any articles on how much foreign aid the Obama Admin was threatening to withhold if the foreign governments didn’t do as they demanded?

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Why do you suppose Snowden is still being persecuted by our government?

I remember condemnation and when I disagreed, was condemned too. Funny how looking back, peoples’ vision changes?

Why has he not been brought home under President Trump? Looks like Trump agrees with Biden and Obama on him.

Snowden is a hero for government transparency.

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Heavens no. Only other people’s opinions change, never the ones on the soapbox yammering about it. :wink:

That and the “too big to jail” when money laundering for drug cartels was found out at HSBC. Absolutely disgusting policies.