Edit is back now


You should.


Sweet. There it is! Thanks! I’d give you my empire, but it’s just dirt so I doubt you’d want it :smile:

(In case you don’t get the above reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FywSzjRq0e4)


There is no “pencil” icon under my posts even when I click on the “…” symbol.



You have to post more and become a level 2 user.


How many posts does that require?

Bob Clark


It’s actually a combination of things, but posting more naturally covers it. Right now, you’re there, you just have to visit the site for 7 more days.


Thanks. Actually, I was a frequent poster to the site a few years ago. This was during the Obama first term, before the site’s reorganization.

It was under the same username, but I don’t know if the site saves posts back that far.



No, the site does not. In fact, it’s a completely different site entirely. Nothing was saved from the old board.


No matter. I got it bumped down to level 1, meaning you should be able to edit now.


in honor of the moment:


This system just let me edit someone else’s post and then gave me a badge for it.

Can someone explain that to me?



If you edit anothers posts, you are subject to sanctions. keep that in the back of your mind.


Thank you. I figured as much and “edited” with that in mind.

So someone left their post open and I got a badge for adding to their post?


You edited a wiki post. If someone uses wiki to edit their post and leaves it open, the board gives anyone the ability to edit it. We can see every edit attempt. The rule set forth some time ago was a month off first offense, permaban second. There was a board glitch a while back that somehow made responses edit the original post. I think that has been cleared up, but that was the only exception. Thank you for not breaking the rules by maliciously editing the post you came across, but I thought you might want to know the whole rundown.


I appreciate that.
And the badge?


Thank you for this edit.


Yeah…can’t explain that one.


Gone now.