Edit is back now

Like the McRib, it’s here for a limited time only. So get yours while they last!

Seriously, sorry it took so long.

(Yeah yeah, I know, get the refresh fixed…they’re trying.)

So, the edit button is back for a limited time only?

Good job though. lol

I kid. It’s there for good. Just put me in the mind of a McRib.

Is the wiki thing going to go away?

Thanks for working on fixing thingz

Your words. lol

Are you handing out editing ability? I’ve never had it, so if you’re in a good mood, I wouldn’t complain if you gave me that functionality :slight_smile:


Click on the … under your post and then click on the pencil. That’s how you edit now. Very useful.

I don’t have a pencil

You should.

Sweet. There it is! Thanks! I’d give you my empire, but it’s just dirt so I doubt you’d want it :smile:

(In case you don’t get the above reference: Johnny Cash - Hurt - YouTube)

There is no “pencil” icon under my posts even when I click on the “…” symbol.


You have to post more and become a level 2 user.

How many posts does that require?

Bob Clark

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It’s actually a combination of things, but posting more naturally covers it. Right now, you’re there, you just have to visit the site for 7 more days.

Thanks. Actually, I was a frequent poster to the site a few years ago. This was during the Obama first term, before the site’s reorganization.

It was under the same username, but I don’t know if the site saves posts back that far.


No, the site does not. In fact, it’s a completely different site entirely. Nothing was saved from the old board.

No matter. I got it bumped down to level 1, meaning you should be able to edit now.

in honor of the moment:

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