Ecoterrorism - Amazon rainforest aflame

All of the oxygen produced by the rain forest is used up in the rain forest. :man_shrugging:

Yes, I know.

Maybe try addressing the content of my post? The rain forest has massive value to humans, so your post that no one should care is stupid.

Agreed 100%. Though it’s in our nature. We evolved over million of years where our only concern was not dying and getting a next meal and where we were lucky to live past 30.

So we’re hard wired to think short term. That being said, inexcusable to just blatantly shove a middle finger at the environment like we’re wont to do.

I would agree that if they blatantly go after the forests of the indigenous people that would be a form of state sanctioned terror. It just clearing land isn’t. At least IMO.

But that’s just semantics and let’s not get bogged down in that.

Clearly the Brazilian government is making a disaster out choice and putting short term gain at the expense of long term health of our planet.

It’s a coping mechanism to try and find an out from the reality that we have wrecked our sole habitat.

Here is something to wrap your heads around.


It is also this process that makes rainforests an imperative part of combating climate change. By taking in carbon dioxide and storing it both above and below ground, forests help regulate the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies determined that all tropical forests combined contain about 25 percent of the world’s carbon, with the Amazon basin storing up to 140 billion tons (127 billion metric tons). For reference, if the entire Amazon forest was lost, and that carbon was emitted into the atmosphere, it would be the equivalent of up to 140 years of all human-induced carbon emissions.

Oh great. I bet Trump can help.

They’re making room to grow more soybeans for Chicome…libs comrades.

This is a fascinating attempt to blame libs for what Trump did.

I understand…it’s not easy being pro-China.

You would know…wouldn’t you? :wink:


If these fires aren’t brought under control…I really don’t want to think about the possible consequences.

We are well and truly screwed.

It does not help that Trump is offering that the military drop several MOABs to help Bolsonaro with the problem with the Amazon rainforest.

Boycott Brazil

Bolsonaro is pro burning why would he accept aid to extinguish the Amazon fires?