ECONOMY BOOMING: Unemployment Rate Drops to 18-year Low

Ok. Thanks. Where were you on all the Good News??!!?? threads on the old board? We liberals could have used your wisdom in trying to educate your fellow conservatives then.

I can’t help that you didn’t see the posts I made.

I’ve said it all along. What other system can you come up with for those out of the workforce? I’ve preached it for years.

Yeah, I must have missed them. I’ll be on the lookout for them here in the future. :wink:

So you must have missed the times I corrected those who said it was record numbers not in the workforce too then. Go back to the 50’s when the housewife didn’t work and the percentage of those not in the workforce was higher.

It’s odd, while call outs of the “number out of the workplace” used to be a daily occurrence on Hannity’s show, I don’t recall hearing any for, oh, say, about 18 months or so. I wonder why that is?