East Idaho College Shooting

I have here information on another campus shooting that has not hit the news at all yet.

April 3, 2021

A frisbee golf player on the campus of College of Eastern Idaho in Idaho Falls, Was shot in the back of the knee by a .22 rifle.

I will post the facts as I have been told them by my friend, who was the one shot.

-he was in the middle of the campus, not around the outskirts of the small campus, surrounded on three sides by college buildings.

  • the shot came from the north. Probably about 200 yards away.

  • I’ve seen the X-ray. The bullet was not deformed at all. So not a ricochet that just happened to hit him.

-a 12 year old with a .22 rifle, dressed in camo was arrested nearby a short time later.

-at 200 yards, a .22 bullet drops around 42”. So go up from a mans knee about 42” and you can guess what he was aiming at.

-the victim has no idea who the shooter is. Just some random kid.

I hope the kid and his parents are put away for a long time.

I don’t think this has hit the news because the shooter is a minor, and the victim is not interested in being a National story.


Looks like an accident.

Why the thread?

This is my approximation of where the victim was at on the campus, and the rough location of the shooter.

Not an accident in my opinion. The odds of it being an accident inside city limits where the sight picture would have been centered on the back of his head is astronomically slim.

Smells like an accident.

12 is too young to carry his .22 off the farm.

Is there a competitive range near by in one of the buildings. They use .22.

I agree with Wolf on this. If this is an accident it is a hell of an unlucky shot.

Seems to me like the kid wanted to take a crack at a man sized target. Taken literally.

12 years old? This is all kinds of creepy.

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Not anywhere near that area. If he was shooting at targets in the field he was not really smart. That area has a lot of traffic.

What is a person doing shooting a .22 rifle inside of a populated area period? That said, glad your friend is ok.