Early Winter? ..3 feet of snow, smashes records in West

I noticed the other day the mornings were unusually cold for this time of year. I had to put a blanket on my dog! So, I checked the weather news and sure enough we are already getting snow out west in late september…

" Snow was piling up across parts of California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. The National Weather Service, calling the storm “historic,” said temperatures in some areas would drop as much as 30 degrees below normal."

Is it still only 12 years left or is it 11 years and 8 months mow?..lol!


Ice age is coming…ice age is coming. Run for Mexico!!!


In before October is the hottest month since the Earth formed.


warmest september in history in austin.

19 days over 100.
only 1 day below 95.

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It was a lot warmer during the Dinosaurs ages, so…

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I see the OP still doesn’t understand the difference between weather and climate.


Photo please.


Please link to where those came from as outlined in the TOS

If the poles would just thaw out enough, there would be room for a few billion more people.

Here’s a picture of the world. It’s August’s graph not September but I didn’t post it for that.

I posted it to highlight the size of the area of the globe to which the OP refers.

I hope I need not say anymore.


The global warming nut jobs have no shame, nothing they have predicted over the past 40 years has come to pass but yet they keep going like a deranged rabid hare, beating that global warming/climate change drum with their cohorts in the MSM and the Democrats and creating scared hysterical children like Greta Thunberg.

It’s disgusting and it’s got to stop.

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Here is a good site that provides details on the accuracy of climate models.


If I’m right, that globe shows where they have real data. Notice all the areas they have none. Like most of the arctic and antarctic and the oceans. Check out the lack of data in central africa. Yet, you will see the same global all filled in with temp data in the media reports most people see…

1995 to Present: Climate Model Failure

Borgia’s link specifically calls out that chart

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1988: Maldives completely under water in 30 years

Does that globe make it clear the oceans are 3/4 of the earth surface? Not to me…

Sharpie on a weather map. WHere have I seen that before?

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My point went right over your head