EARLY START? Bernie Blasts Trump’s Speech BEFORE Address, Bizarrely Mentions ‘Shootings’ by ‘White Men’ | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders unloaded on President Trump’s State of the Union address hours before the Commander-in-Chief arrives at the Capitol; bizarrely questioning if the President will mention “mass shootings done by white men.”

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Bernie is a horses ass and he is just making himself look worse.

I agree KLRS. Funny thing, Bernie didn’t mention all the shootings by blacks in Chicago or other crime ridden areas. He didn’t want to say what the numbers are comparing black shootings vs. white shootings. Also, Bernie didn’t look to happy when President Trump said that America will NEVER be a socialist country!

They will try and do anything to anyone associated with Trump, rather than look at the REAL problems and try to solve them. The Trump supporters MUST get their voice out there. I am pleased that when they do try to get involved, it is without violence and vulgarity. When Laura Loomer took her crew and three illegals to Nancy estate in wine country, there was no confrontation with police and when they were told to leave, they thanked the police for doing their job.

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I watched the Address last night and every time the cameras were on Bernie, he looked like he had been sucking on sour lemons and had a really bad case of constipation. AOC just looked like she was being forced to sit there as punishment.

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