Early developments in European Union elections, should be solid results in a few hours

Still a bit early, but there are a couple of definite trends.

For Europe as a whole, the far right and far left gaining at the center-right and center-left’s expense.

In England, it will be an unmitigated slaughter of Tories, who could be completely wiped out tonight. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that they could come in in 5th place. The Brexit Party will be the clear winner. The Labour Party is expected to flop and will likely do no better than third. The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party should make sharp gains at Labour’s expense.

Some analysts have the order of finish as Brexit, Liberal-Democrat, Labour, Green, Tory.

Should be a fascinating evening.

Why are Brexit even running in the EU election if they want to leave the EU.

For the obvious reason that they want to make a political point.

Because the leave date got push back to point where they had to.

The main political parties in Europe have been moving from the center at a fast pace since 2015. Each election they either lose to a populist or just lose more support.

when thing get bad its the adults often get blamed.

IMO…the EU’s forced immigration policies is the motivation behind Brexit and the quiet “common man” is now reacting with their votes.

Here are some early results with a strong showing for Brexit:

The Brexit Party has won nine of the first 10 regions to declare its results in the European elections - the North East, North West, East of England, Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, the South West and South East. In the process they have acquired 28 of the first 64 UK seats to be awarded.

That trend is nothing new. Newbies like just think it means more than it does.

If only Brexist could win elections that matter.

Another half-ass opinion with no knowledge of historical English classism. IMO

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Yeah…I know…now let’s see if Tommy Robinson gets elected?

Let’s see how the Brexit party fared?

I love when opinions actually get exposed for accuracy…don’t you?

Lemme make sure I’ve got this right…if you’re wrong…you admit…you’re half-ass? :sunglasses:

Tommy Robinson who was a member of that far right political party that killed a MP.

Ya he is cool.

Tommy Robinson who blamed victims of a terrorist attack because they were Muslim.

cool guy.

Yeah…did you ever wonder why he left? Maybe you should learn something?

Tommy Robinson is a scumbag, I hope he get elected to the EU. though if he losses he might beat up his girlfriend again.

If you care to post what it is you’d like to discuss…I’m game. I’ve attempted to follow this young man and I’m impressed. I’ve not witnessed anything that I’d consider racist or to be labeled a Nazi in the last number of years. I truly believe he has evolved into a level headed person whose conclusions allign with mine.

He straight up blamed victim of the 2017 London terrorist attack of being at fault because they were Muslim which was done by a person was radicalized by Robinson they exchange emails talking about how evil Muslim were.

Post what you claim. I’m sick and tired of misrepresentations. A video should be ez, pz.

Dude, those are EXACTLY the kind of people that DO get to as MEP from England. Elections to MEP are thinly contested in England and therefore get whole range of marginal personalities and parties. I read the BBC every day, I gather you hardly ever do.