E.U. ON EDGE: Austria Threatens to ‘SHUT ITS BORDERS’ Over Migrant Crisis

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/e-u-on-edge-austria-threatens-to-shut-its-borders-over-migrant-crisis/

Austria’s Chancellor threatened to “shut its borders” over Europe’s escalating immigration crisis Monday, with E.U. leaders gathering in Brussels to contain the political fallout as hundreds of thousands of migrants pour into the continent.

According to the Daily Mail, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told other European leaders that his government was prepared to close its points of entry should Germany fail to act to contain the surge of immigrants, saying he would “be ready and do everything necessary to protect our borders.”

“That would mean securing the border on the Brenner [Pass] and other locations… [though] I want to help ensure it doesn’t get that far,” he added.

The bold warning comes as German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just two weeks to forge a consensus on her government’s immigration policy; facing a total “collapse” of her coalition over the escalating crisis.

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