Durham aide resigns from Russia probe amid concerns over pressure from Barr

Remember when Barr appeared before Congress and was asked if he would not publish the Durham report before the election? He refused to answer the question.

I remember last year when I was told the Durham Report was coming out any day now. I’m pretty sure it must have been released by now already.

I am predicting that it will come out mid to late October. That’s just how this administration rolls. I could be wrong…

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Maybe it would have been, except that people like Dannehy may be slow-walking it for political reasons and Barr is trying to remove that politicisation of the process by antiTrumpers.

Yeah, that must be it.

Wait, you’re serious? Get outta here!

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lol…ok. Are we on hidden camera or something?..lol

Maybe he was reclaiming his time.

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At some point Durham’s job is going to get a lot easier.


Seriously doubt Barr or Durham are giving much thought on potentially violating any (election) laws if news here happen to come out even on eve of the general election. Simply put, we will hear from them when they are damn ready if at all.

You mean when any member of the team with integrity has left ?

Amazing that Mueller’s team had multiple plea deals and prison sentences to show for their work, yet from Durham: yeah, we’ll get with you later on that

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Mueller had no plea deals on anything related to cooperation with Russia. Tax fraud that was already being investigated, yes.

Or is it any member of the team who is afraid a report now could harm Biden’s chances?

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Of course they aren’t giving much thought to violating any laws…it’s not as if anyone in this Administration is going to be held accountable or anything.

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Perhaps they should have done like the Democrats and anti Trumpers did with the fake collusion probe, illegally leak to the media.
Of course, WashPo or NYTs would just turn in the leakers and ignore the news.

Actually, he refused to say he would withhold the report, which in fact did answer the question.

Incorrect - any Attorney General no matter by whom is the President that appoints them are merely doing their jobs that has that same person their as direct supervisors and just like the rest of us working stiffs.

The line of questioning was rhetorical in fact. Congress asked Barr something here where they introduced it in order to create a dramatic effect. With the general election fast approaching the Dems rather make a point in the court of public opinion now fully grasping all along if and when Durham comes out with his findings it will surely reflect poorly on at least a few from the Obama-Biden administration/FBI, etc.

So a woman quit because of schedule tension from management on a project?

That’s the catastrophe?

Let me help with a little something from my world: " ■■■■■■■ get on with it! It’s a project, not your retirement plan!"

And people claim wage disparity.

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