Dupty PM of Italy call for Mass Cleansing of non Italians

They are not even trying to hide it anymore…

Footage has re-emerged of Italy’s new interior minister calling for a “mass cleansing” of migrants from “entire parts” of the country.

Matteo Salvini’s comments are being shared on social media after he announced a “census” of the country’s Roma community, setting the stage for deportations of the ethnic group.

“We need a mass cleansing, street by street, piazza by piazza, neighbourhood by neighbourhood,” Mr Salvini, who is also Italy’s deputy prime minister, said in an interview last year. “We need to be tough because there are entire parts of our cities, entire parts of Italy, that are out of control.”

Well I mean the Italians were the ultimate collaborators during World War II. So are you really surprised?

They are going to start a database on them so we are already walking down this road again.

But a database of people who own guns is no cause for alarm, right?

Talking about cleaning when it comes to populations of humans. I am concerned.

cleansing? Venice has a nice water system…


Wow that was a fast discussion.

The undesirable gun owners that liberals like you want identified, right? Maybe wear a little indicator on our clothing so you know which of us own firearms, right?

Make sure you sew it right under your social security patch, and to the left of your drivers license.

I don’t support gun register try again.

we are talking about a real person in a real government calling for a street by street cleansing of a ethnic group, not liberals.

Seems like something that poster would have asked if they were interested in actually talking to you instead of just kicking up sand in an thread about an Italian census.

If Iran said this we would call it calling for genocide, but its a good old Italian boy.

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Europeans can’t be racist. Check your privilege lib.

Scary that this person feels so comfortable saying this out loud.

More scary is so many people agree with him.

Majority of Romanian people in Italy are Citizen so the next step which his party has called for is segregation and internment in ghettos.


Minster of Interior in Bulgaria is calling for the creation of segregated ghetto to house Gypsies.

Simeonov’s NFSB party is calling for the demolition of “Gypsy ghettos” and the isolation of Roma in closed “reservations” (modeled on those for Native Americans and Aborigines), claiming that these could then be used as “tourist attractions.” Early in his career, as the open letter points out, Simeonov publicly mused about creating “modern concentration camps.”

Trump’s doing it. Others will follow suit. Thank, Orange Idiot.