Duncan Hunter accuses Christian opponent of being tied to Islamic terrorism

How does one project themselves as the superior choice in November if they’re a congressman currently indicted for corruption? Duncan Hunter answer is to accuse his opponent on a TV ad of being funded by the Muslim Brotherhood and that he is “part of well orchestrated plan.”

I have no doubt that there will be quite a few numbnuts that will believe him.

I live in his district and can tell you from experience it will be more than a few

I saw this commercial about a week ago. I’m not in his district but live in San Diego. My first response was “I bet he wins reelection”. He still gets votes based on name recognition from his Dad (now his landlord) and this type of ad will play well in his district.

This ■■■■ really ought to be a crime.

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Yay for San Diego!

loony Dem have really gone off the rails this year

Between guys like this and Trump i can’t be a Republican anymore.


This is America.


This has always been america…

Where’s Joanne to come along and tell us how disgusted she is with democrats. Oh…wait…

When all else fails, accuse your Christian opponent of being a fundamentalist Muslim.

Republican identity politics 101.

This is San Diego.

I live here too…keep in mind, this is where Duke Cunningham was from…

There are so many military voters in this district that I grew up in.

If “guys like this” is the basis for your choice, what party will you choose now?

For now i will vote Democrat to hold the president accountable.

Are you under the impression that Democrats lie less than Republicans? Simply applying the basis you posted, on election day, you’d follow it best by staying home.

No. This is Patrick.

Why just so the people who won’t hold the president accountable get elected?