Drugmakers Raise Prices on Hundreds of Medicines


"Many companies’ increases are relatively modest this year, amid growing public and political pressure on the industry over prices. Yet a few are particularly high, including on some generics, the cheaper alternative to branded accounting for nine out of 10 prescriptions filled in the U.S. Overall, price increases, including recently restored price increases from Pfizer Inc., continue to exceed inflation.

More than three dozen drugmakers raised the prices on hundreds of medicines in the U.S. on Tuesday, according to an analysis from Rx Savings Solutions, which sells software to help employers and health plans choose the least-expensive medicines. The average increase was 6.3%, according to the analysis, including increases on different doses for the same drug."

So, what happens to average American Joe if year after year prices on “items” exceed inflation. Where do they wake up and find themselves 50 years later?

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Wait a minute! President Trump promised he was going to spank big pharma and make drugs MORE affordable for all Americans?

“I am working on a new system where there will be competition in the Drug Industry. Pricing for the American people will come way down!” ~ Donald Trump March 7, 2017

MAGA :us:

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More corporate tax cuts are obviously needrf

That should happen after he implements his bigly yuuuuge healthcare plan that will cover everyone. You know - the one he will implement on day one


Yeah. “On Day One”!!!


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I sometimes wonder if I’ve run my company incorrectly for 30 years. I bet had I made all employees sign NDAs and just lied to everybody constantly I’d have been able to buy 50 yachts by now.


The price of health care has exceeded the inflation rate for years… Because we use to much insurance. We want others to pay for us. What solutions are dems offering.

What solutions are Trump and the Republicans offering?

I’m glad they killed the mandate, but heir rest of their bill failed. The party was split as you saw.

Now dems have congress and must be itching for a try to fix things… Just kidding we know it will be just like DACA.

Wrong, The Democrats only control the House. Republicans control the Senate.

The House will pass legislation to fix ACA but the R Senate won’t pass it.

You would think we would know what the dems “will” propose already. And there are lots of centrist reps senators…

Plenty of articles written on what the Democrats in the House will try to do on healthcare. I suggest reading a newspaper once in awhile would be informative for you.

Really? I read the news daily, and have not seen anything.

I mean a real newspaper.

It should seem obvious at this point, that you should supply a link…

Google is your friend, not me.

So, slippery…lol!

What’s “slippery’ about it?

Googling is very easy. Even elementary aged children are able to do it.

So much energy expended not telling us the dems plans…lol… You can have you last word, since we are not getting anywhere…

Fake news!!!

The hidden hand of free market capitalism will fix everything. If people would stop being lazy and sucking at the teat of the government, they could stop being lazy come up with competitor medicines that would drive down prices. Duh!!