Drug addiction - Criminal issue or Public Health issue

What is the best way to combat the war on drugs

Stop the Democratic Party from allowing open borders, so that the drug lords
can’t come and go as they please, pouring billions of dollars of illegal drugs into our country
on a years basis.

  1. Legalize Marijuana. Its exponentially less damaging to society than alcohol and anyone that argues for alcohol being legal but pot not being is an idiot.

  2. Decriminalize the harder drugs to an extent where there is a focus on prevention and rehab more than incarceration. Druggies who commit other crimes to fund their habit (thefts mainly) still get punished appropriately but simple possession or use is pushed into rehab options rather than criminal.


Legalize everything. Tax everything. Treat everything.

First off no one want “Open, Borders” and majority of drug pass though a border checkpoint.

Its been almost 40 years since the war started the current methods are not working.

Point one, yes. Point two, yes. Point three, no.

Two out of three? I didn’t think I’d make it that far.

Somewhere, Meatloaf is smiling.

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The Democratic politicians want open borders so illegal immigrants will vote for them.

Maybe the majority of just a 1 piece of a drug, goes through checkpoints, but most drugs,

I’m talking about illegal drugs. What are you talking about? lol.

Majority of illegal drug cross at legal checkpoints.

Criminalize it when it’s a pregnant woman continuing to drink or use throughout her pregnancy.