Dropping charges on the Russians

What the actual ■■■■■

So ramp up the troll farm! The US doesn’t care if the Russian’s interfere…

Shameful. Barr is the worst. Behind trump of course.

Someone get the fainting couch, quick!



You do realize those charges were were completely worthless and only for show during the faux Mueller investigation and were never going to see the light of a courtroom. :roll_eyes:


Too late. :rofl: :wink:


What’s wrong with showing the world we won’t tolerate outside forces working to influence our elections?

Manafort, Cohen and Stone are next. Hold on to your Chinese folding fans libs. You’ll need them for the vapors.


Then we’ll lock up Hunter Biden…

(Cohan? No, he’s dead to trump since he turned on him.)

I do appreciate the way this administration is taking care of this BEFORE the election. Nope, they won’t need to be more flexible AFTER the election.

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If he’s guilty of a crime, sure. Make your case.

He was caught up in the BS minutiae, so he gets a pass too.

^^^^^^^^ sheople reactions to sheople food they ate years ago ^^^^^^^^^^

This actually isn’t the worst thing. This was never going to go anywhere, there was no real way to actually prosecute them and they were doing things like trying to get surveillance methods going back to like WW2 in discovery.

Anyone with any knowledge knows what happened.

This has little to do with the US citizens who were in indicted.

Russians on Russian soil are under the same obligations to follow our laws as I am to follow Russian law, which is to say, none.

Baaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :wink:


Yeah good luck with that since most countries, including the USA, interfere in other countries election. :roll_eyes:

And remember, recently released congressional testimony from crowd strike admitting they had no actual evidence Russia hacked the DNC.


I find it crazy that in a transcript where they repeatedly testify that it was the Russians that hacked and stole information from the DNC that the takeaway is the opposite.


Sure, they repeatedly said that was their conclusion but when asked if they had any actual proof, what was the answer? What do you think a court or jury is going to think of that?

And for the troll farming, sorry, not our jurisdiction. Russia can’t control what I say through their law, same applies to us. If Russia passed a law saying I couldn’t criticize Putin on the internet during an election, do I have to obey it? 100% nope.