Drama in DC courtroom

Hmmmmm… Something is going on… Any guesses?

Meuller is serving indictments on himself for all of his crime.

Q was right!!!

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Q is always right…



It’s Clinton indictment time!

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For all their yapping about nothing burgers…the Clinton “scandals” are the mother of all nothing burgers.

Someone is fighting a sealed Mueller subpoena. Lots of candidates include, Kelly, Pence, don jr and fat donald himself.

Yet it is what the go to sleep dreaming of and leap out of bed wishing for.

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Its sort of like if we were obsessed with Bush and the Iraq war. Its over. Its done. He was a crappy president who got us into a couple crappy wars. But its pointless to rehash it.

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Remember Travelgate?

Yeah… those were innocent times.

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It just never ends with these criminals.

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At this point it’s easier to list the Trump labeled groups and organization NOT under some sort of federal investigations

Mueller just didn’t want to be seen coming out in handcuffs.


I heard he frogmarched himself out of the courtroom after wrestling himself to the ground and applying the handcuffs to himself after an attempted escape.




For the Court Security to take the extraordinary step of closing the entire floor, not just the courtroom, of all observers and press leads one to assume the person fighting the subpoena is of substantial public stature. The President and the Vice President would qualify. And it would make sense if it were Secret Service that requested a clearing of the entire floor of the courthouse. I do not believe a Chief of Staff or a private citizen, such a Donald Trump Junior, would likely lead to this level of security and secrecy agreement by the court. The court tends to favor transparency, except in cases of extreme exception, again, such as a public servant in an office of importance to the continuity of the nation.

What a guy!

Its gotta be Hillary. Mueller finally is pointing his sites at the true criminals.

Maybe Kushner? Who knows at this point, they’re all ■■■■■■■ criminals.

Maybe bobby is getting ready for his big reveal.

He should have ordered one of those cakes.

And have a bikini clad Trump jump out?