Draining the Swamp- Kentucky and the DOT

I guess we can see another reason why Mitch McConnell does Donald Trump’s bidding so eagerly.

And it must be nice to be married to the head of the DOT, and have your former campaign staffer be named a point of contact between Kentucky and the GOP…a relationship no other state enjoys.

And of course there’s this:

The arrangement raised ethical red flags because McConnell has touted his ability to deliver federal grants to his home state as a frequent refrain in his reelection campaign. With an approval rating well below 50 percent, the Republican senator is gearing up for a tough contest next year in normally red-state Kentucky. And as the leader of the Senate, he has significant control over the oversight of his wife’s department, an unusual concentration of power in one couple.

Yes- President Trump is doing such a fan-dab-tastic job of draining that DC Swamp!

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We’ve been told President Trump opposes corruption. I’m sure he’ll clear this up.

The Obama administration got dinged for lack of transparency in its grant-making process, too. In fact, GAO praised the Trump DOT for improving some elements of the grant process. But in many ways, the process is still a black box, with DOT unable to provide explanations for many of the decisions it makes, like which applicants get second chances, and decision-making is still concentrated at the very top.

Oh wait . .

Obama administration had same problems with how grants were administered . .

where was politico’s ripping his administration apart over it?

But the process changed for the grant program that included the Boone County project, giving the secretary far more discretion — and disempowering both career and political staff. When that program started, Chao’s predecessor in the Obama administration decided to make his own selections from a much more expansive list than the senior review team usually provided.

Oh wait,
the process Politico is compaining about started under Obama . . . . But someone TRUMP and McConnell are to blame.

Those two paragraphs from your link should end the thread there.

McConnell is elected. Elected is not swamp. Unelected bureaucrats are swamp.

Yes, we need term limits in Congress.

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Maybe the left could arrange some threatening protests outside their home.

Oh wait…

I want all nefarious activity in politics…STOPPED! I also realize, I have virtually no say in it, what soever. If I can’t stop all of this, I will not participate in only acknowledging one side. That…is more damaging IMO than just pointing out one side, thereby tilting the balance that is the best method “we” have in place to stop it. What’s actually too bad, is that “we” do not all unite as one, rise above all this and stop it at the ballot box?

Until then…lemme point out those that are being used but are ignorant of it. They are identified by hearing something similar to…“orange man baaa, baaa, baaad”. It does get easier everyday to recognize a sheople…thanks to the MSM.

Um @Snow96 (sorry I thought I had hit reply to your post but did not, so it’s easiest to just edit this post and call your attention to my reply in this manner) the point was Trump was supposed to be draining the swamp so your point in referring to previous administrations’ swampiness was…what, again, exactly?

But to continue with this…in further changes, Chao has centralized the decision-making process to an inner circle, further making this a black box process.

And Chao has stuffed that inner circle with people who used to work with McConnell.

This is not “swamp-draining”.

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Trump is President right now.

Trump ran on “draining the Swamp”.

Entirely appropriate to point out the myriad ways he’s not doing it.

There’s something inherently corrupt and swampy about a president appointing the wife of the Senate Majority Leader to his cabinet. How is Moscow Mitch going to want to do anything that may displease his wife’s boss?

And this is not the first example of Cocaine Elaine greasing the flow of cash to her home state for her husband’s political gain.

This administration is a swamp.


Yes, the politicians are the swamp.

Yep…now where’s Comey, Strozk, Page, McCabe or Ohr? What’s Barr doing? Who is Durhan and what’s he doing? Trump is keeping his word but it’s unfortunate that he can’t do it all at once. He has to appease McConnel…if…for no other reason…this bogus impeachment attempt…that you applaud. In that respect, you’re a part of the problem. You are complicit with what you are decrying in this thread.

Now everyone…just imagine the swamp, had Hillary won? Can you? Seriously…can you?

You could have locked it at that point.

Appreciate the hands-off moderating style!! :+1:

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But ignore those where he IS doing it. :roll_eyes:

Am I to understand that republicans find nothing concerning that the Senate Majority leader’s home state is benefiting from sweetheart deals concocted by his wife, a cabinet secretary?

Nope. I damn well care. Now I have to balance that care with the reality that all in the room care. Otherwise, the political power that governs our country would tip in a direction that I care about even more! That said, let me ask you a question? Do you care that Biden Jr. was being compensated over $50,000/month to sit on a board of a company his VP father deemed corrupt?

Right after he investigates Netenyahu

yes that is why I am for term limits. Now saying that getting money for your state is one thing, but getting millions for your charity from foreign countries…

Well since trump CAMPAIGNED on fixing stuff like this, yep we’re going to blame trump for NOT FIXING IT

Where is that?

Of course, but is the board of Burisma part of our government?

If your son or daughter was offered a job, making great money, mostly due to the connection you had with the owner of that company…would you tell him not to take it?