Dr. Oz wins PA GOP primary, was backed by Trump

I guess Trump still has juice!


Now we will see just how many ways Dr. Oz will teeter. Trump must feel he can win him over. Hope it works out for MAGA.

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Or maybe the voters liked him better in spite of Trump. One will never know if he would have gotten more or fewer votes without Trump’s endorsement.

I thought he got a big immediate bump in his numbers immediately after getting Trumps endorsement?


Democrats just got another gun grabber supporter.

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Yup. Seems in most cases we never know until they actually get into power. As to Trump’s influence, there seems to be a genuine connection, but time will only tell.


What makes a Supreme Court opinion legitimate is when it is in harmony with the text of our Constitution and its documented legislative intent which gives context to its text.

He did.

A lot of prominent physicians are outspoken for the need of some kind of “gun control” beginning with taking access to illegal weapons from criminals. Doctors, nurses, first responders? They get to see the carnage in the trauma centers so their opinions are justified. Doc Oz is now a political candidate for a high legislative office. I’m not from PA anymore but I’d vote for him.

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Seems like a flake to me.


And Trump seemed like a “flake” too. But many were pleasantly surprised once he got into office.

He’s a retired heart surgeon. I’ll say eccentric.

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In reference to the question, I found this:

He can believe (or say) whatever he wants to about the endorsement. But it very well could be that he is saying it because he doesn’t want to alienate Trump supporters by rejecting it. He is, after all, a public figure with considerable name recognition on his own right. He doesn’t really need any one’s endorsement to sway voters.

I think Trump endorsement got him the win.

Barnette was also a factor.

I agree with Conan that Oz will be weak on gun rights.

I do like the matchup with the heart patient vs the heart surgeon.

I will support Oz.

Thank goodness. McCormick could have conceivably won.

It begins:


Clearly got him the win, he got a huge boost with orange mans endorsement.

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You could be right but that raises the question of Dr. Oz releasing a campaign ad touting Trump’s support for him.


It soes gave a certain symmetry.

One thing is certain. If the Senate is not taken over by the Republicans and they don’t gain control of the House, the pending damage done to the United States may not be reversable.


Today’s Democrat Party Leadership is infested with Authoritarian Revolutionaries, the same kind that took over Cuba and now rule over the people with an iron fist!

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