Dr. Fauci - Ignore Him

On March 11 Dr. Anthony Fauci testified before congress that the COVID-19 virus was “ten times worse” than the seasonal flu.

Then on March 26, he wrote an article that was published in a medical journal in which he wrote that the COVID-19 was “no worse” than the “flu” but nothing like SARS or MERSA.

Dr. Fauci has established himself as someone to ignore. You might as well read tea leaves.


Link the article. I don’t think you understand what you’re talking about. Case fatality rates are lower then SARS or MERS but it’s orders of magnitude more transmissible making it much more deadly overall.

Trump said we would be down to 0 from 15 really soon. Ignore him.


“0 from 15” what? Make clear sentences.

You really don’t know? Interesting.

But yes, continue the Fauci purge


So you don’t know what “0 from 15” means. Noted.

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Ah and here we give evidence to the right attacking the dr.

Sooner or later it was gona pop up …now to watch.


The Dr just said up to 200,000 deaths. Just like the flu

Yes. It means you get to 0 after being at 15. 0 down from 15. 0 from 15.

I dont think it will be that high… but its gonna be high enough that trunks gonna take a hit…

I think…could be wrong

I see.
15 chickens? 15 pennies? 15 red roses?

Well this was inevitable wasn’t it.

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Cue “we can only hope”.

And Fauci I believe was talking even with the lockdowns. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would kill a million+ if we carried on normally

Have you been out of the loop that much? You really don’t know what I’m referring to?

If Lew Rockwell says it…it must be true.

Of course, it’s not the mortality rate that’s the thing…the mortality rate is a dependent lagging metric.

15 caes of the virus down to 0 in no time…According to Dr Trump.

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Just a few days

I meant Fauci’s actual journal article. It’s this: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe2002387

The phrase “no worse” does not appear in it. As I said, he’s saying there that the case fatality rate is lower than SARS or MERS and may even be lower than 1%. Higher transmissibility means it can kill far more people overall though.

Uhh even “fuzzy math” dictates “0 from 15” is still 15?