Dr. Bornstein tells us what we all knew was true

Wrong. Trump has the best vocabulary abilities. The greatest of any President ever. The fake news doesn’t want to report that!

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“That’s black humor, that letter. That’s my sense of humor,” he said. “It’s like the movie ‘Fargo’: It takes the truth and moves it in a different direction.”

For the record, Bornstein sharing the information about Trump was dickish and unethical.

It’s spelled, “vocabularity”, you Philistine.

Without a doubt- he is 100% wrong- he violated HIPPA. But that does not negate the fact that Trump dictated his own medical report. Actually, it goes along with the fact that Bornstein is none too bright.

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Trump only hires the best people.

Save yourself some time, focus on what Donald’s been truthful about.

NYC has some of the best doctors in the world yet Trump’s is a quack. Should tell anyone with half a brain all they need to know about The Donald. Birds of a feather and all.

Hmm, well…

  • Kim Jong Un is short and fat.

Vocabulary WITCH HUNT!

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"Bornstein said the original and only copy of Trump’s charts, including lab reports under Trump’s name as well as under the pseudonyms his office used for Trump, were taken".

LOL this tells what kind of person he is.

To be fair, “Rock Johnson” is a pretty awesome pseudonym.

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Deleted for wonky image

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Trump and every one of these Trump people need Mafia nicknames. Like stupid mafia nicknames. I googled it and a bunch of the most stupid mafia nicknames are perfect for these guys.

Even if true the doctor is in breech of dr/patient confidentiality and should be stripped of his license.

Nonsense. I’ve heard the Trump speak.

“Three beautiful beautiful letters” and so on. That was NOT word-for-word dictation

It’s astonishing how many incompetent and/or ethically challenged people have worked with or for Pres. Trump. And are willing to talk about it!

Makes me long for the good old days of competent coverups by highly skilled loyalists, and a protective press.

Anything to keep the focus off trump

Trump’s ■■■■■■■ bodyguard? Lol!!!
The orange pile of crud is acting like a mob boss. Holy crap!

Have you ever actually seen Bornstein and Trump in the same room at the same time?

I’ve seen nothing yet to convince me that they are not, indeed, the same person.

Yet you appear to be leading the cheering section for a doctor that violated his own professions ethical standards in violating dr/patient confidentiality.