Dozens Turn Up For "Build The Wall" Rally


Okay, this cracked me up. I’m not sure why they even wanted this reported. It’s more embarrassing than anything. Dozens? Ha ha, take that, Nancy! By the way, why is any number below 100 counted as dozens. Is it because it’s so pathetic, we’ll just add two to every ten until we get to one hundred? I’m going to go with what it should be, tens of people showed up for this thing.


Nice picture of the crowd size…proving their point…NOT. :sunglasses:


So, you contend there were more people there and the journalist is lying about it?


I’m waiting to see if Faith Goldy was there to report on it.

I’ll be just fine with whatever she has to say.


I contend that if crowd size is important enough to mention it in their headline, there should be a picture but…nope.


It wouldn’t matter to you. You’d then argue the picture was probably taken well before or well after the event, or that the picture isn’t real at all. There would be absolutely nothing that would dispell the alternate reality you’ve manufactured.


Here’s a video.



Wall? What? Is this a scientology thing?

I really hope the rally for falafels goes well in Boise.


Lololol oh florida you never cease to amaze me


They need to work on their chants.


Agreed. The sound of tens of people chanting would be deafening.


Thanks. If there were 24 there, it’d be close. Notice that all that could be seen were women? I wonder why?


I’m sure there were. Maybe up to the fifteens.


I don’t know. What’s your conspiracy du jour?


Florida? The state that is surrounded largely by water?

Ummm - yeah - I’m sue a wall is going to help them out.



Hey, maybe next time they can show a rally for the wall in Hawaii.


…only that there’s more to this story.


Which is? Give us the details!


It was hot and sunny and no men for some reason? :sunglasses:


That’s not fun. But hey, if the ratio is high enough, maybe I’d even go to a build the wall rally. (Don’t tell my wife!)