Dozens killed in Israel


Really, you even have to ask? SMH


Yes, they’re called Hamas!


The sad thing is the ANY of the Reports have to be taken with a grain of salt.
I heard the baby that died was not killed by gun fire or tear gas but it had other actual health issues that could have caused the problem.
People have taken pictures of the protestors actually having Hand Grenades as well.
MSNBC is also reporting that protestors had LIGHT Firearms.
When US citizens use those they are called Assault rifles.

Israel tends to be mostly protective in anything they do these days. They know they will be blamed for almost anything.
We know Hamas has used human shields in the past.

Alot is going on and the media can’t catch it all.
So need to read and listen to as much as you can.


Such a ridiculous broad brush.


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No whining at all but rather a bit of a warning to conservatives to be careful what they say.

Once again nothing to do with you. Please quit trying to make it about yourself.


It’s southern slang for “well.”


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How is this Israel’s fault?


Yay putting words in my mouth.




So, will God still bless Israel if this God thinks they committed atrocities against their neighbor or will they be doomed like Sodom and Gomorrah?


This is correct of course and I just heard reports that Hamas leaders are telling the rioters, including children, there is a breach in the fence so they can “rush” through and of course they are getting killed in large numbers when they attempt it.


im appalled at the way israel treats the palestinians

I get the feeling that israel would exterminate them if they thought they could get away with it.
but then some jews are among the most racist people I know.
My stepdad fled the holocaust. lost his whole family. and was racists as ■■■■. refused to hire anyone who was black. his friends who were also survivors or whose family fled before the nazis came were just as racist


“heard reports” and where is the evidence of that (without using biased news sources)


Boys! Let’s be civil and let the mods focus on fixing what GW broke! Please!


Are the racist ones from Mississippi or Alabama?


Cool story bro,


wow cool story.
I know Black people are Racists against Hispanic people and Asians.
But i don’t say all People of Color are Racists.
People can be horrible humans get over it.