Dozens killed in Israel


Most of them are ignorant to anything other than what the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian TV and Al Jazeera feed them.

Hell most probably still believe the Jews are kidnapping their babies and using their blood to make bread.

We’ve got about four or five generations of so called “palestinian people” who have been fed nothing but hate their entire lives and simply wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit them in the ass.


Agree. The best thing to do is believe in truth as an enabling power to help bring these mislead people to the world of self respect and liberty. The Palestinian people can see the truth even when fed lies.


There are fine people on both sides.


not just last year. They have been doing stuff that for years… children’s schoolyards are another favorite place for them to place and launch rockets.


yes. you are correct.


Alright, so since Indians having a tiny bit of land is basically equivalent to them having their homeland, I guess Israel can return to its 1949 borders.


Yeah I don’t get this argument. Israel has fewer than half the world’s population of Jews. How is its statehood preventing these horrible atrocities that WildRose alludes to for the Jews around the world?


Aren’t they at their borders from 3000 years ago?


hey dude, can you open a book? THE holocaust murdered 6 million. Does the fact that this number is less than half of the total worldwide number of Jews in 1939 make the Holocaust somehow less heinous and diabolical in your mind?


What does this have to do with my post? Nothing makes the Holocaust less heinous.


You also ignore the fact that the displacing of indigenous populations has been a regular occurrence since before history was recorded.


look for your references to half the world’s population of Jews in your post and in mine. Then you will understand what my post has to do with yours.


But it has nothing to do with the context of my post. It’s a complete tangent. I was addressing the assertion that the State of Israel somehow prevents bad things from happening to Jews. But over half of the worlds’ population of Jews don’t even reside there, so I’m saying the assertion doesn’t make sense.


lol- That’s like saying if I mention a book in this post it make it relevant because your post mentions a book.

Your reply to adroit had absolutely zero to do with the substance of his post and didn’t address it at all.

Roses claims are ridiculous.


It gives them a homeland to flee to if/when it ever happens again, something they didn’t have in 1939.

Every Jew that wants to emigrate to Israel is guaranteed entry.


No, they still have a ways to go to get there.


Not one Jew I have ever met said they were glad for Israel in case they are rounded up and sent to concentration camps. I’ve got a feeling I know a whole lot more of them than you do.


Tuviah Friedman


If there was a question, it was settled in 1967. Those opposing Israel aren’t in any better position to challenge them today. It’s time to get along and stop the violence because the other choice is pure suicide.


I neither believe that you’ve ever had such a discussion nor do I care.