Dozens killed in Israel


It would be ever so nice if you could manage a straight answer just once.


That’s your stronghold, isn’t it?

I’m not answering your question?

Well then, by all means, ask it.


Where’d he go? He’d never desert like this.


Lets not lose sight of why Palestinians are on suicide missions (aside from the money Hamas gives to their families).

Trump moved the embassy.

That’s it folks. The United States Embassy was moved to Jerusalem.

Think about that, Libs. Would your average Palestinian even know… or care? Without being paid, coerced, incited to do these things, those Palestinians would be just working away making shoes, software, boats, pots, chicken soup. Ya know… going about their business. The real criminals are those who sent these people out to a suicide riot


Yes, Palestinians know and care. Thanks for being open minded enough to ask.


I’m still waiting for you to act like an adult and answer the question.


Because they know it takes Jerusalem off the table in future negotiations as long as we have it there.


Why ? They hate America.

Why do they care where we put our embassy?


Hamas is telling protesters (and in some cases it was not protesters but people who were not planning on protesting that were attending prayer service or at other gatherings not related) that the Israeli soldiers had fled so there was no danger and that the fence had already been breached. some of these protesters are hapless dupes -expendable in the view of their uncaring Hamas herders. some are murderous thugs. One, when asked what he was going to do if the got across the fence, said he would kill as many jews as possible and burn Jewish farms and what ever else he could manage. These are not protesters. that is unless their defenders and apologists here think murder and arson is a legitimate form of protest.


This was all planned and practiced well ahead of time.

The Prequel.

By Iyad Abuheweila and David M. Halbfinger

April 27, 2018
GAZA CITY — For weeks, Palestinians protesting along the fence between Gaza and Israel have conjured up the idea of swarming across the barrier, a mass of tens of thousands of people too numerous for Israeli soldiers to arrest or even to shoot.

And Israelis have been worrying aloud about what their soldiers would do in response.

On Friday, both sides got a small sense of what that could mean when hundreds of Palestinians, urged on by a Hamas leader in a fiery midafternoon speech, rushed the security barrier at the eastern edge of Gaza City and tried to cross into Israel.

Dozens made it through a barbed-wire barrier about 30 yards inside Gaza territory, deploying wire cutters, hooks and winches. Israeli troops opened fire with a mix of live ammunition and rubber bullets, killing three people and wounding nearly 1,000 more, according to Gaza health officials

Don’t forget during last year’s big uprising Hamas set up it’s military HQ and rockets in a Hospital and then cried like babies screaming about what an atrocious war crime it was when Israel targeted the location and struck it.


There was no nation prior to the partitioning, no Jewish Nation and No Arab nation. Palestine was nothing but a geographic region.


Children are barbarians?


Where exactly did Red make such a statement? quote it please.


Was I talking about children?

I was talking about the adults, specifically hamas, who are more than willing to use innocent Palestinian children as human shields.


They had land in their home. Jordan. They tried to assassinate their king and got kicked out.


Sadly they seem to be even happier to use their bodies to evoke sympathy. They’ve become experts at playing the media and and using them to jerk at the heartstrings of liberals the world over.

If Palestinian mothers cared about the lives of their children they wouldn’t take them to riots or have them around locations being used to attack the Israelis.

Sadly, they get paid for dead kids and of course in their minds martyrdom is a guaranteed free ride to heaven.


It’s not their place. Jordan was their place.


It’s like none of these people have read a minutes worth of the history leading us to where things are today.


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Sad to see that the pawns of Hamas have acted against their own best interest.

I applaud Israeli restraint and humanity in the face of radical and unjustified violence.