Downton Abbey Movie

I saw the Downton Abbey movie today, and I loved it.

I enjoyed the performances as well as some of the comedy in the film.

You do have to watch the series or watch some episodes to understand some elements of the show., but you would enjoy it if you haven’t see it.

I enjoyed watching this film and recommend everyone else to se it.

I give it a grade of an A-.


Binge watched the show last year…am looking forward to watching the movie.

I loved the Series, but don’t see much point in the movie. But the wife wants to go, and I am quite certain that I will enjoy it too. I just hope that James finally gets his comeuppance.

I started watching series one, episode one
Got to two men making out and turned it off… for good. No regrets whatsoever.

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I saw it as well and thought it was wonderful.

Odd … I don’t remember that at all. :neutral_face:

A very good movie especially in this time period of so many bad movies.

The wife loved the series, I thought it was decent.
She’s pressing me out now to see the movie this weekend.

I feel the same way. I enjoyed the series but don’t have a burning need to revisit it. I haven’t seen the film but I don’t see how it will do much more than indulge nostalgia. I can wait until it’s streaming or out on DVD.

Well … We went to the movie yesterday. If was good, as a movie that is, just as I expected. But the plot was all too pat for me. For example, in the series, Tom would surely have been framed in the assassination attempt, and instead of being the unheralded hero of the event, would have spent several week (show time) behind bars suffering severely as a traitor to the Kingdom. (Even the prisoners would have wanted to beat the crap out of him.)

The thing about the movies that was most noteworthy to me was the audience. It was comprised almost entirely of women and girls. Before the show began, the noise in the theatre was as loud as a busy restaurant with every table engaged in a loud discussion. (Even my wife noted that.) and during the show, they laughed loudly at what I considered to be merely mildly entertaining dialogue. But most unusual, was when the movie ended and the credits began to roll, they all cheered and clapped. I had not experience that sort of reaction since watching the first Star Wars movie on a 72 mm wide screen in 1977. It was weird.

My wife and son loved the series and the movie. They raved about it. (I’ve never watched it so i didn’t go.)