Dow watch/ death watch

CNN and FOX are running dueling screens with instant updates on the stock market plus a running body count of everyone who has died from the Coronavirus. Okay fine, track the market. But I think the the up to the minute death tracking is tacky at best and may be a little morbid. Seriously folks, these are real people and families. Lose the death tracker.

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I agree with you about the Death Tracker. Reporting daily totals is important to understanding how the plague is affecting us, but this is not a spectator sport.

They did the same thing with the Iraq war. It was hideous. Still is.

It is to the media.

I agree.


I agree with you.

Having an up to the minute death tracker is not helpful.

Turning off all news networks will lower your blood pressure.

I much prefer online stories anymore.

why would they bother to incite hysteria over a Chinese virus if they cant count the bodies?

thats their mission